his (126)  after (191)  year (43)  old (43)  that (26)  police (141)  her (77)  florida (756)  man (671)  from (77)  south (43)  arrested (184)  home (37)  during (28)  accused (76)  off (40)  charged (43)  with (186)  woman (238)  over (53)  for (261)  sex (34)  years (28)  who (53)  found (28)  says (34)  say (73)  cops (70)  because (28)  out (43)  dog (27)  him (51)  was (96)  meth (27)  into (72)  naked (35)  she (35)  while (42)  gets (55)  when (29)  arrest (29)  gun (39)  car (64)  deputies (68)  video (26) 

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2019-08-19Beverly Weisman Claims To Be FBI Agent, Leads Police On Multiple Chases Before Being Arrested; Troopers Believe She Is Mentally Unstable
2019-08-19Irma Acosta Arya Puts Out Food That Attracts Hundreds Of Vultures Causing Neighborhood Chaos
2019-08-19Markeisha Ransom Got Into Argument With Roommate, Grabs A Pair Of Scissors And Gets Arrested 
2019-08-19Stewart Smith Took A Bull By The Horns, Steals Animal And Puts It Up For Sale At Cattle Auction
2019-08-18Anthony Gearing Casually Walked Out Of Courtroom Before Sentencing, Recaptured After 2 Weeks On The Lam 
2019-08-18Claudio Camacho-Simon Gets Into Argument With 2 Men Over Card Game, Asks Wife To Grab His Gun
2019-08-18Florida Woman Nicki Johnson Asked Woman Who Bumped Into Her Cart To Apologize, Gets Called Racial Slur And Told To Go Back To Harlem
2019-08-18Why So Serious? Florida Woman Graziella Puleo Furious After Dog Grooming Request Turns To Her Pup Looking Like The Joker
2019-08-17Brandon Burrus Was Arrested After Urinating On Child’s Foot And In Child’s Mouth
2019-08-17Brian Martin Roberts Was Arrested After Robbing A Bank While Wearing Plastic Bag Over His Head
2019-08-17Florida Woman Heidi Schmutz Lied To Get Florida Man Arrested After He Failed To Pay Her For Drive To Hotel 
2019-08-17Is That A Reel In Your Pants Or Are You Just An Idiotic Thief? Justin Kinnison Arrested After Being Caught On Camera Shoving Fishing Reel Down Pants
2019-08-17Joseph Valderrama Loves His Cheese; Gets Arrested After Stealing Car, Wine And Cheese From Garage 
2019-08-16Aubrey Lynn Waldron Is Wanted For Trading $300,000 Worth Of Stolen Trucks For Loads Of Meth 
2019-08-16Florida Man Ty Kelley Arrested After Shoving Booze Down His Pants And Drinking It In Walmart Bathroom 
2019-08-16Florida Woman Ceara Rae Stowe Thrown Back In Jail After $24,000 Adoption Fraud
2019-08-16Joshua James Hallock Got Into An Argument With His Roommate, Beats Him With A Wrench, Gets Called The Devil 
2019-08-16Put Your Hand Down Michael Owens Pants And I Bet You’ll Find Steak, $56 Worth Of Steak Stolen From Publix
2019-08-15Christopher Kozlowski Walked Into Home Depot, Loaded Up A Cart With $120 Worth Of Merchandise And Attempted To Leave The Store Without Paying
2019-08-15Kaynesha Rhodes Pulled Out A Gun, Then Struck A Man With A Baseball Bat Before Biting Off Part Of A Child’s Finger 
2019-08-15Nicholas C Nelson Was Arrested After Sending Woman 10,000 Text Messages In 12 Days, Threatens To Drive Tanks Around Americ
2019-08-15Shawn Taylor Was Drinking With A Friend Before Arguing Over Penmanship, Tells Friend He Wants To Have Sex With Him Before Pulling Out A Sword 
2019-08-14Acasia Fuscaldo Violates Her Probation, Police Find Her Hiding In Hotel Box Spring
2019-08-14Anthony Richard Williams Robbed A Bank, Stole A Car, Tries To Swim Away From Police, Cries When He Gets Caught In A Current And Threatens Rescuing Office
2019-08-14Armed Florida woman hit someone with a baseball bat, bit off a child’s finger, then died, deputies say
2019-08-14Florida Man Accused Of Threatening Neighbors With Nunchucks & Bug Spray
2019-08-14Florida Man James Clairmont Is A Monster, Intentionally Runs Over Ducklings Playing In A Puddle 
2019-08-14Florida Man Scammer Victor Blanco Arrested Months After Stealing $67,000 Swiss Watch, Ahh Privalage 
2019-08-14Florida Woman Wanted To Play Master And Slave, Kenneth Atkins Didn’t Want To Play So He Spat In Her Face |
2019-08-14Perverted Florida Man Wayne Jeffrey Khoma Hid Cameras In Room He Rented Out To Women; Says He Likes To Watch
2019-08-13Deltona man coerced woman he met online into paying him over $8,000 or he’d tell her husband, workplace, deputies say
2019-08-13James R Severson Got Grocery Store Road Rage; Runs Into Store Clerk Who Blocked The Aisle, Flashes A Handgun
2019-08-13Kevin Eichin Goes Entrepreneurial, Gets Arrested For Possession And Trafficking Of Cocaine And Other Narcotics
2019-08-13Miranda Perez Didn’t Like That Her Kids Had To Change Schools, So She Threatened A School Shooting
2019-08-13Samuel Royce Was Arrested After Allegedly Spanking His Child With A Frying Pan Because The Child Didn’t Know The Answer To A Question
2019-08-12Chadd Shanks Asked Man For Money, When He Was Turned Down He Sat In The Man’s Car, Pointed A Gun And Asked For His Keys
2019-08-12Is That A Gun In Your Pants? Florida Man In Stable Condition After Shooting Himself At Bass Pro Shops
2019-08-11Donald Reid Jr Was Pulled Over For A Traffic Infraction, Pulls Out A Hand Grenade
2019-08-11Former Teach Mary Mundy Gets Lesson In Hard Knocks, Arrested With Smorgasbord Of Drugs In Her Vehicle 
2019-08-11Man trespassing at go-kart track crashes, dies
2019-08-11Naked Florida Man “John Smith” Arrested After Stealing Pair Of Crotchless Underwear, Tells Police He’s Michael Jackson
2019-08-10Casey Sosnowski Went On Hiking Trip To Get Instagram Likes, Gets Called Out By Sister For Just Posing In Her Backyard
2019-08-10Florida man arrested after making threat to Walmart on Facebook Man appears to believe in white supremacist ideology
2019-08-10Florida Man Arrested for DUI Says He Smoked Pot to Prepare for Jesus to Return
2019-08-10Florida man called Pitbull robs convenience store
2019-08-10Jonathan Tucker Stole A Gun And A Car, Fled From Police, Smoked Some Meth And Got Arrested
2019-08-10Jonny Buchanan Got Hungry After Breaking Into A Home, Makes Herself A Sandwich On The Way Out
2019-08-10Naked man bikes to a store called RockHard Lovestuff. That was only the beginning.
2019-08-10Rockledge High School Teacher Said He’s Student’s Spirit Husband, Demonic Energy Came From Bathroom
2019-08-10Social media personality ‘Real Tarzann’ arrested on burglary, battery charges in Florida
2019-08-0989-year-old Florida woman battles and kills 6-foot snake after it eats visiting birds
2019-08-09Bradley D Knirnschild Stole Bikes In Washington, Tried To Sell Them In Idaho; Gets Arrested
2019-08-09FBI Arrests Hollywood Man Accused Of Robbing 2 Banks
2019-08-09Florida man drives golf cart into Walmart, tries to hit shoppers before hitting cash register, deputies say
2019-08-09Florida man pulls gun on delivery crew after furniture arrives late, ‘I've shot people for less'
2019-08-09Florida man reports handgun stolen during orgy at his home Volusia County sheriff's sergeant says crime unlikely to be solved
2019-08-09Florida Man Threatens to Quit Football over Helmet Grievance
2019-08-09John Womack Flashes Penis To Woman Saying “Look At This”; Gets Caught On Video, Denies It, Then Gets Arrested 
2019-08-09Jonas Laurindvicius Sped, He Followed Too Closely, Ran A Stop Sign, Sped Some More, Ran A Light.. All While Speeding; Jim Carrey Unavailable For Comment
2019-08-09Man accused of forcing legally blind friend to withdraw money at Volusia ATM
2019-08-09Raytheon Slater Insured His $8,000 Rims And Claimed They Were Stolen, Gets Insurance Check And Tries To Sell The Rims On The Line 
2019-08-09Report: Meth, cocaine and heroin found in Florida middle school teacher's car
2019-08-09Woman taken on chase when first date decides to flee traffic stop, Flagler deputies say
2019-08-09You’ve seen this couple’s Publix engagement photos. Now read their story. When rain scuttled plans to pose at a nature preserve, Alexandra Darch and Dylan Smith switched to Plan B. And the setting was absolutely perfect.
2019-08-08Anaconda owners tangle with state
2019-08-08Breaking Sad? Nicholas Mason And Friends Arrested For Theft Of Thousands Of Oysters, Profiting
2019-08-08Chelsea Nichole Madill Imported Copious Amounts Of Cocaine; Gets Arrested After Driver Snitches | August McAllen: A Florida woman who used her company as a front to move cocaine for the Mexican drug cartel pleaded guilty last week to a drug conspiracy cha
2019-08-08Florida man gets probation for sex with dog
2019-08-08He was going 100 mph on the Overseas Highway. He told police he was ‘in a hurry’
2019-08-08Man arrested after pulling semi-automatic weapon on I-4
2019-08-08Mary Magdalene Jackson Didn’t Want To Take Her Kids To Grandma’s House; So She Paid A Meth Head To Drive Them Instead
2019-08-08Off The Beat: Man says he's unaware of drugs in vehicle, but in-car camera shows otherwise
2019-08-079 urns with cremated remains found at office of embattled Orlando guardian, AG says
2019-08-07Alice Coleman Bit Man Who Broke Into Her Home, Yells “I’m Not Your Mama, Get Out Of My House!”
2019-08-07American Psycho; Christopher Brady Got Fired From Law Firm, Shenanigans Ensue; Starts Firm With Same Name, Breaks Into Old Firm To Steal Safe And A Gun
2019-08-07Florida woman used company to move cocaine from RGV to Illinois for cartel
2019-08-07Four Santa Rosa residents charged in oyster theft scheme
2019-08-07Juan Quintana Was Looking For Love, So He Sat Outside His Neighbor’s Apartment Waiting For Her
2019-08-07Man uses 'unknown tool' to steal truck from parking lot in Miami-Dade, police say
2019-08-07Michael Williams Was At A Club And Had To Pee, So He Used An Ice Maker.. Because Florida
2019-08-07Toilet explodes in Florida house after lightning strikes septic tank in front yard
2019-08-06A law firm fired an attorney. He became the firm’s stalker and stole an AR-15, cops say
2019-08-06Aaron Wimes Used Toilet Paper To Start Fires In The Bathroom Of A Sports Store, Sticks Around While Police Investigate; Gets Arrested
2019-08-06David Ashworth Didn’t Like That Hotel Manager Made His Girlfriend Cry; Emails Hotel And News Stations That The Manager Will Die
2019-08-06Lavitress Williams Spent 6 Years In Prison For Check Fraud, Gets Arrested While On Supervised Release… For Check Fraud
2019-08-06Palm City man charged with setting stranger's car on fire
2019-08-06Tiffany Lea Bland Gets Arrested For Assault; Hits Daughter 11 Times
2019-08-06Wild(wood) Florida Woman Bites Boyfriend’s Thigh; Colonel Sanders Not Amused
2019-08-05Eric Rim Sped From Police, Called 911 To Complain About Officer Who Damaged His Vehicle; Gets Arrested 
2019-08-05Florida Man Taj Perry Robs Man, Tells Police Victim Offered To Have Sex With Him For $20
2019-08-05Latamara Taylor Beat Her Kids For Eating Ravioli, Gets Arrested When She Hit The Boys Father With A Car
2019-08-04Florida Man David Stull Takes DNA Test, Realizes His Brother In Blue Is His Half Brother From Another Mother
2019-08-04Terrian J Knight Attempted To Rob Dollar Store Manager, Flees From K9 Police Dog, Hides In Pool, Gets Arrested
2019-08-04William James Westberry Broke Into A Car And Stole A Gun, His Momma Recognized Him On Camera And Turned Him In
2019-08-03Arayia Hudson Was Wanted On Multiple Warrants, Turns Herself In, Gets Arrested For Smuggling Contraband, Doesn’t Profit
2019-08-03Arthur Shamilevich Gerbekov Stole $1,000 Sweater In July To “Get His Brother” Something Nice, Gets Arrested
2019-08-03Frederic Sterry Smith Wrote Anti Gay Remark On Napkin, Stuffed It Down Manager’s Blouse, Flees The Scene
2019-08-03Man Charged With Nearly Biting Off His Cousin’s Nose At Century Gas Station
2019-08-03Shayeh Dov Targeted Orthodox Jewish Community And Scammed Them Out Of Over $3,000,000
2019-08-02A man broke into a house, showered — then sat naked on the porch to wait, Fla. cops say
2019-08-02Florida Perv Charles Schenck Was Arrested After Taking Video Of Woman Changing At Target, Runs Away When She Screams
2019-08-02Florida Tattoo Wizard Jesse Paul Ayotte Wanted By Police For Series Of Bank Robberies 
2019-08-02Katie Lamothe Tries To Use Lyft As Getaway, Driver Refuses Prompting Her To Call Uber
2019-08-02Lyft Driver Refuses to be Getaway Car After Florida Woman Steals E-Cigarette: Deputies
2019-08-02Off The Beat: Deputies crack case of crack in crack
2019-08-02Teen urinates on Walmart shelf days after woman sullied another store’s potatoes: report
2019-08-01Alligators Have A Taste For Florida Man, According To Science 
2019-08-01Celeste Dorsey Gets Arrested With 25 Lbs Of Weed At Airport; Blames It On The TSA |
2019-08-01Convicted child molester beaten to death by cellmate at Florida jail, officials say
2019-08-01Gwen Schoewe Passed Off Fake Check For $2,000; Tries Again At The Same Bank, Fails, Flees Police, Gets Arrested
2019-08-01Michael Stanley Was Pulled Over For A Minor Traffic Infraction, Police Discover Plethora Of Drugs In His Vehicle
2019-07-31A St. Petersburg real estate agent listed a house with a photo of it engulfed in flames.
2019-07-31Andrea Cole Was Arrested After Getting Drunk, Leaving Kids In Hot Car, Became Combative With Police
2019-07-31Ashley Dawson Was Pissed Her Boyfriend Cheated; She Attacked Her Boyfriend’s Lover, Ran Into Her Car, Flees From Police 
2019-07-31Authorities said a man was caught shoplifting a $995 sweater from the Saks Fifth Avenue store at Town Center at Boca Raton
2019-07-31Breon Cheaves Tried To Buy Heroin For Prostitute, Beats His Friend For Not Giving Him Money, Gets Arrested
2019-07-31Carlos Hernandez Had A Friend Who Won $2,500 On A Scratch Lottery Ticket, Tells Him He’ll Cash It Since He’s An Illegal; Stabs Him When He Refuses
2019-07-31Florida Man Found Behind Grocery Store Freezer After Missing For 10 Years
2019-07-31George Stubbs Got Into Argument With Girlfriend Over Video Game, Chokes Her And Throws Door At Her, Gets Arrested
2019-07-31Man named ‘Murder’ with ‘murder’ tattooed on his neck pleads guilty to murder
2019-07-31Mason Bannister Goes On Crime Spree, Uses Stolen Credit Card, Headbutts Cashier, Tries To Carjack Woman, Gets Taken Down By K9
2019-07-30Douglas Allen Smith Beat His Friend And Trashed His House, Blames It On Looking For A Kitty
2019-07-30Yesenia Casiano Got Into An Argument With Her Baby Daddy, Kicks Him In Stomach, Bites Off Part Of His Thumb
2019-07-29Battle the Infamous Florida Man in Dungeons & Dragons
2019-07-29Deputies: Florida man flashes gun at woman uninterested in vape pen
2019-07-29Disney World guest's angry rant about 'childless' millennials goes viral: 'You made my son cry!'
2019-07-29Police: Florida man attacks another man with a machete, charged with aggravated battery The victim was "bleeding profusely" when police found him.
2019-07-29Teenager claims he has ‘every right’ to break into car at dealership, cops say
2019-07-29Two rapes put a 19-year-old in therapy. Then, her floriddaman therapist tries to rape her
2019-07-28Surfer bitten by shark, goes to bar instead of hospital
2019-07-27Entitled Tesla Jackass Parks on Stranger's Lawn, Steals Electricity for 12 Hours
2019-07-27Florida man nearly killed by lounge chair A Florida man nearly died when the leg of a rusty lounge chair missed his carotid artery by only inches.
2019-07-27Manatee shocks Florida man when it comes ashore to munch on grass
2019-07-27Perverted Hypnotherapist Robert Andrew Nichols Used Ritual Magic And Sexual Therapy On A Woman | July 27
2019-07-27PMS’ing Florida Woman Vanessa Nicholson Stabbed Boyfriend In Shoulder, Bit His Armpit After Denying Him Sex 
2019-07-27Sandra Ann Maddigan Was Arrested After Stealing A Car From Hospitalized Patient, Police Find Junk In Her Trunk Including Heroin 
2019-07-26A Florida couple married 37 years began to argue. Then out came the dog bone, cops say
2019-07-26A woman who had just been sentenced to prison Thursday escaped from the Okaloosa County Courthouse for a short time before she was captured.
2019-07-26Fired Miami police officer sentenced to 45 days in jail for attacking nurse Lester Bohnenblust caught on camera slamming nurse to floor at JMH
2019-07-26He served two years for grand theft. Now cops say he stole over $60,000 of boating equipment
2019-07-26Kimberly Jean Carroll Didn’t Like How Her Boyfriend Cut The Meat And Potatoes, So She Beat Him And Spit On Him. How Do You Like Them Potatoes?
2019-07-26Man accidentally shoots self in leg while driving on Palmetto in Doral
2019-07-26Man rode horse to burglarize New Port Richey home, deputies say
2019-07-26Migdalia Cruz And Her Son Had Just Won $20,000 In A Scratch Off Game, Get Arrested For Selling Heroin Outside Of A School
2019-07-26Police: FL son charged after 94-year-old mother found covered in feces
2019-07-26Raw chicken seemingly crawls off table by itself in terrifying footage
2019-07-25Florida deputy saves owl that was being attacked
2019-07-25Florida man arrested for keeping alligator, gopher tortoises as pets in his bedroom
2019-07-25Florida man: ‘Diaper bandit’ arrested again
2019-07-25Florida woman steals ambulance, crashes into police car after chase: report - Orlando Sentinel
2019-07-25Gainesville asks: Who’s flushing mopheads down the toilet?
2019-07-25Gardens police officer injured attempting to arrest alleged shoplifters
2019-07-25Joseph Howard Bryant Stole A Land Rover, Rammed Into Police Vehicles, Rear Ends Vehicle On The Interstate And Got Arrested
2019-07-25Miami woman attempts to steal prescription drugs in North Naples
2019-07-25Naked man found sleeping in stranger’s garage. Then he solved one problem, cops say
2019-07-25Nicole Yanine Siroky Was Arrested For Identity Theft, Stealing From People Across The USA And Canada, Crazy Eh?
2019-07-25Piercing Pagoda worker at West Oaks Mall stole identities to make $35K in fake sales, cops say - Orlando Sentinel
2019-07-24Bison attacks 9-year-old girl
2019-07-24Cary Drew Portner Rages Out After Being Asked For ID At A Gym, Yells Racial Slurs, Tries To Hit Employee With Car And Is Arrested
2019-07-24Florida cops strike wheelie-popping teen’s bike, then use taser on him
2019-07-24Florida woman arrested for grabbing husband’s penis too forcefully
2019-07-24Jacob Hisel Gave Police His Brother’s Name To Avoid Being Arrested; His Brother Also Had A Warrant For His Arrest 
2019-07-24William Leal-Vasquez Was Arrested After Getting Drunk, Trespassing and Urinating On A Cop Ca
2019-07-23Angry woman smashes laptop on boyfriend's head for 'looking at other women' while boarding American Airlines flight
2019-07-23Florida man arrested at Pilot following altercation with hammer
2019-07-23Ian Brown Hated His Job At A Hotel So He Tried To Set It On Fire
2019-07-23Police Pan Florida Woman's 5:30 AM Performance Of The Nutcracker
2019-07-22'Bachelorette' finalist from South Florida has date in court
2019-07-22Belleview man jailed after nasty family spat
2019-07-22Decision postponed on fate of ousted Spanish River High principal
2019-07-22Florida man hit by lightning strike, injures seven others
2019-07-22Florida Menace, 21, Arrested For Smashing Lemon Cake Into Her Mother's Face
2019-07-22Florida woman denied pizza, threatens woman with knife
2019-07-21'Tight on money:' Pinellas man accused of shutting off power to Dunkin Donuts in robbery attempt
2019-07-21‘Spider-Man’ climber linked to apartment break-ins arrested in Miami Beach
2019-07-20Florida Man Micheal Colon Nicknamed “Say No More” Arrested After Saying Too Much
2019-07-20Florida Meth Head Chance Fridriksson Pretended To Be Business Man, Books Multiple Hotel Rooms And Trashes Them With Friends
2019-07-20Man surrenders AR-15 after threat of mass shooting at St. Pete Steak ‘n Shake: Records
2019-07-20Screaming man on bike flees from deputies after riding in dark with no lights
2019-07-19Christopher Lacy Got Pulled Over For An Obscured License Tag, He Was Arrested For Chilling A Live Alligator In A Cooler
2019-07-19Florida man arrested after binding son to plywood using zip ties, authorities say - Orlando Sentinel
2019-07-19Man Admits Owning Cocaine On His Nose When arrested, Floridian, 20, denied drug was his, cops say
2019-07-19SW Florida Man Sold Deputies Drugs Laced With Enough Fentanyl to Kill Thousands: Deputies
2019-07-19Travius Roberts Was Arrested After Choking Girlfriend, Throwing A Chair At Police, Yells “Come On White Cracker, Bring It”
2019-07-18'I wasn’t doing anything crazy' | Florida man faces $100K hospital bill after e-scooter crash
2019-07-18Five guys arrested after fist fight at Five Guys
2019-07-18Florida carjacker arrested after he can't drive stick shift
2019-07-18Joshua Bihorel Drank Half A Bottle Of Rum, Drove Drunk, Made A Building A Drive Through, Spits On Deputies
2019-07-18Naked Florida man wearing bra burglarizes several cars in parking lot
2019-07-18REPORT: Pensacola man slaps smoking pregnant woman during argument
2019-07-18Sheriff: Flagler man pulls gun on roommate’s dog
2019-07-17Florida city hopes ‘Baby Shark’ song will drive homeless from park
2019-07-17Florida man accused of driving into building, spitting on deputy
2019-07-17Florida man admits to taking LSD before running through Columbia Township park
2019-07-17Florida man attacks wife's lover with scissors and flees with his penis, police say
2019-07-17Florida Man Goes Berserk When Officers Tell Him to Stop Swimming, Headbutts Deputy and Spits in His Mouth
2019-07-17Florida man who caught Chicago alligator throws out first pitch at Cubs game Frank Robb receives plenty of praise after capturing gator at Humboldt Park
2019-07-17Florida man who was captured naked after fleeing chicken coop pleads not guilty
2019-07-17His job was to load ATMs with money. He stole over $100,000 doing that, cops say.
2019-07-17John Bloodsworth Says He Was Arrested For Being ‘Awesome’ After Throwing Son Into Atlantic Ocean To Teach Him How To Swim
2019-07-17Off The Beat: Is it possible to drink 33 beers in an evening?
2019-07-17She went on a violent rampage, cops say. She was identified through her Facebook profile
2019-07-16Florida man accused of leaving kids home alone to go to a strip club He was supposed to be watching the children while their mother was at a funeral.
2019-07-16Florida Man Travels to Chicago to Capture Alligator
2019-07-16Florida man used Taser to fend off bystanders following crash, police say
2019-07-16Insurance claim denied after destructive Clearwater 11-feet gator break-in
2019-07-16Man steals $85,000 worth of jewelry from dead woman's home, deputies say
2019-07-16Tallahassee man accused of pointing gun at driver while stopped at red light
2019-07-16Woman and her boyfriend arrested for defrauding Vystar Credit Union in Lake City
2019-07-15Chris Cordarrel Anderson Got A Case Of The Road Rage; Fired A Gun At A Vehicle Whose Driver Cut Him Off 
2019-07-15Deputy: Florida Woman Fleeing trespasser speeds, crashes, tased, jailed
2019-07-15Florida man charged with exporting hundreds of AR-15 parts to Argentina, authorities say
2019-07-15Is It Okay to Laugh at Florida Man?
2019-07-15Van Arnold Failed At Attempting To Pick Up A Woman, So He Went To His Vehicle And Grabbed An Axe
2019-07-14Engaged Man Arrested For Luring Men On Dating Apps And Robbing Them
2019-07-14Stacy Chamberlain Was Arrested After Getting Into Argument With Boyfriend, Assaults Him With A Sandwich
2019-07-13Miguel Otero-Rivera Broke Into A Church Was Held At Gunpoint By Pastor Who Believed In Higher Power, His Glock 9 
2019-07-12John Owens Was Arrested After Months Of Dressing Like A Woman, Stealing Baby Formula | July 12
2019-07-12Nitwit Mother Arrested For "Prank" Video Woman, 30, recorded girl licking, returning dental tongue depressor
2019-07-11Florida man bitten by venomous snake: 'My life just flashed through my head'
2019-07-11Florida man saves puppy thrown out of car window
2019-07-11Florida man, 75, fights off 7-foot gator to save dog
2019-07-11Florida woman posts never let a man ‘put his hands on you’ before fatally stabbing boyfriend, deputies say
2019-07-11Murder suspect mistakenly released from jail arrested in Georgia: police
2019-07-11Off The Beat: Bare-bottomed woman in black bra strolls around Fort Pierce
2019-07-11Pastor holds church burglary suspect at gunpoint until Tampa police arrive
2019-07-11Things Got Slashy After Boyfriend Told Florida Woman He Was Too Tired For Sex
2019-07-10'Something we're not proud of': Fired deputy Zach Wester arrested in drug planting probe
2019-07-10Cantonment Man Charged With Striking Fiancee, Fighting With Two Deputies
2019-07-10Deputies: Man points gun at customers during argument at Tallahassee restaurant
2019-07-10Fired Indian Rocks Beach employee struck colleagues, wanted to ram truck into City Hall, deputies say
2019-07-10Florida Man driving home from liquor store becomes DUI suspect, tells deputy: 'F*** you, I'm a lawyer'
2019-07-10Florida man runs off to drink a beer after mooning deputies, cops say
2019-07-10Florida man's meth mouth not improved by exploding e-cigarette; appeals court upholds award
2019-07-10Inmate Sent Postcard Seeking Prisoner's Murder Prisoners involved are locked up in same jail
2019-07-10Lakeland police ask for help identifying attempted armed carjacking suspects
2019-07-10Pensacola woman allegedly rammed ex-boyfriend's pregnant girlfriend with car
2019-07-10Terrance Jones Jr. Tried To Sell 2 Jet Skis That Weren’t His, He Pulled A Gun To Rob The Buyers; They Were Off Duty Cops
2019-07-09A Man Allegedly Posted A Sex Tape On Snapchat Because He Thought His Sexual Partner Didn't Watch His Dogs
2019-07-09Florida man arrested after deputies find baby alligator in front seat of car
2019-07-09Marvin Earl Tucker Was Arrested After Trying To Break Bad; Using A Hotel Room To Grow Cannabis
2019-07-09Police: Business Rival Tampered With Ice Cream Woman busted for urinating, spitting in containers
2019-07-09SeaWorld guests seek answers after rain floods parking lot, damages vehicles
2019-07-09Siler Elroy Ballard Raged Out After He Lost Power To His Gaming Console, Threatened His Dad And Handyman With A Sword
2019-07-08Anthony Richardson Was Pulled Over For A Traffic Stop, Police Found A Live Alligator In His Passenger’s Seat
2019-07-08Florida man admits to lighting firecrackers under a child's bed. He said it was a prank gone wrong
2019-07-08Florida man arrested after Pasco deputies find heroin in his rectum, they say
2019-07-06Florida Man, 23, Arrested After Cop Finds Marijuana Stash In His Bob Marley Backpack
2019-07-06Rebecca Lynn Abbott Was Arrested After She Beat A Man, Broke His Cell Phone And Resisted An Office Who Was Arresting Her
2019-07-06Spy Hard; Florida Man Thomas Cash Arrested After Spying On Woman He Met At Divorcee Support Group
2019-07-06Todd Carey Was Arrested After Stealing An SUV, Pointing Gun At His Head And Getting Mad When The Officer Discovered His Ounce Of Meth 
2019-07-05Model, 26, Busted On Felony Obscenity Charge. She Was Fully Clothed At The Time.
2019-07-05Plea Reached In Florida Cougar Attack Woman, 64, cuts plea in grope, grind case
2019-07-05Terry Allen Savage Pulls Dick Move, Steals Shotgun And Jewelry From Friend’s Parents While Asked To House Sit 
2019-07-03Florida iguana hunter shoots pool worker mistaking him for iguana
2019-07-03Florida Man Finds Shark Tooth In Foot 25 Years After Attack
2019-07-03Man Tried To Steal Cars From Jail Parking Lot
2019-07-03Miami-area man allegedly stole truck trailer containing $65,000 worth of soup headed for a grocery store.
2019-07-03Woman arrested after leaving $5,000 tip at Clearwater restaurant
2019-07-03Woman heading to rehabilitation in Jackson County jumps out of vehicle, steals another
2019-07-02Deputies: Pasco woman pointed gun at boyfriend, cut him with machete, hit him with yard sign
2019-07-02Florida man arrested after pelting girlfriend with McDonald's sweet and sour packets: police
2019-07-02Julian Sadarriaga Was A Dentist In The Community For Years, He Was Never Licensed To Practice
2019-07-02North Central Florida man claimed to be Lord of Satan; exposed himself
2019-07-01Florida woman points shotgun at swimming kids because they were too loud, deputies say
2019-07-01Real-life Florida Hamburglar cooks himself dinner after breaking into a Wendy’s, deputies say
2019-07-01Woman accused of pawning goods stolen from man's trailer while he was in jail
2019-07-01Woman seen licking ice cream, returning it to store shelf in viral video
2019-06-30Customer Scalds Burger King Worker Cops: Teen suspect had "issue" in drive-thru lane
2019-06-30Fresh out of jail, Silver Springs man charged with DUI and hit and run
2019-06-30Love-triangle spat with woman’s new boyfriend lands ex behind bars
2019-06-2918-year-old man behind bars after attacking mom in grocery store over food items
2019-06-29Sara Searer Was Arrested After Getting In Dispute With Husband, Attacking Him With Machete And ADT Lawn Sign
2019-06-28Tampa man arrested for exposing himself to Walmart shopper
2019-06-27Coral Springs man takes Quran from Boca Raton mosque rips out pages
2019-06-26Florida Keys woman accused of kicking deputies
2019-06-26Florida man who allegedly killed flamingo at Busch Gardens dies in Orlando car crash
2019-06-26FTC: Florida Man Made 3B Illegal Robocalls; Life Insurers Among His Clients
2019-06-26Not Groovy: Woman Broke Into Ex-Girlfriend's Home Clobbered Her With A Lava Lamp Cops Say
2019-06-26Off The Beat: Price of pepperoni pizza and vodka? A trip to jail
2019-06-252 sentenced for pocketing more than $5M in illegal bingo scheme
2019-06-25Condo owner sends recording of monkey noises to prospective renter — and repeatedly calls her the N-word
2019-06-25Florida Man Caught On Camera Pooping In Strangers Driveway
2019-06-25Florida Man Jumps Massive Canal in Nissan Versa Clears Landing but Breaks His Back
2019-06-25Man beaten carjacked after traveling to meet woman for date
2019-06-25Toddler found wandering Florida highway wearing only dirty diaper 'covered in bug bites:' police
2019-06-25US Air Force veteran accused of being a mercenary in Libya's civil war freed
2019-06-2431-year-old Bradenton teacher accused of having sex with 15-year-old student
2019-06-24Florida driver accidentally drives into a pool report says
2019-06-24Florida man accused of biting taxi driver trying to kiss her arm
2019-06-24Florida man threatens to bring gun into Walmart for refusing to let him return air mattress
2019-06-24Naked dancing Florida man arrested at Mamaroneck gas station
2019-06-24Naked Florida man detained outside of Titusville Walmart
2019-06-24Ralph Lauren underwear thieves sought in Stuart
2019-06-24Tortoise detained by police for blocking road
2019-06-23Florida man sports short shorts to teach daughter a lesson
2019-06-23Palm Coast man acquitted of trying to electrocute his wife
2019-06-22Duck Love? Vayne Myers Needed To Go To Court To Fight For His Right To Have Emotional Support Duck | June 22
2019-06-22Florida man threatens co-workers with fillet knife before stripping naked passing out
2019-06-22Police: Man claimed meth was for filtering pools
2019-06-21'Alpine' spray-painted throughout Hialeah condo complex
2019-06-21Defendant pooped in dock threw it at judge and screamed Its protein! Its good for you!
2019-06-21Fearing Her Husband She Took His Guns To Police. They Arrested Her.
2019-06-21Lake City woman stabs man low-key wanted to hurt him
2019-06-20A boat owner wanted to sail away on retirement. Then came the lightning
2019-06-20A Dunedin couple got so romantic they broke a salon window. Now the owner says: Pay for it
2019-06-20Florida grandma arrested while buying heroin with 2-year-old grandson
2019-06-20Florida man arrested for drug possession while trying to catch Pokemon
2019-06-20Gainesville man arrested for drug possession, unlicensed firearm
2019-06-19Florida man drags officer clinging to car after marijuana is found
2019-06-19Man sentenced to 10 years for robbing Dylan's Candy Bar at gunpoint
2019-06-19South Florida woman skydives to celebrate 85th birthday
2019-06-19Weirsdale man arrested after woman shows bruises on her buttocks
2019-06-18'Spider-Man' seen pressure washing roof of Florida home during rainstorm
2019-06-18Fishing sex defecation on the beach drive Redington Beach neighbors to file lawsuit
2019-06-18Florida man accused of assaulting West Virginia man with a hammer
2019-06-18Florida man refuses to pay for the chicken wings he just ate then exposes himself cops say
2019-06-18Florida woman barges into church with a gun. She was planning to use it cops say
2019-06-18Helicopter makes emergency landing in ocean near Key West airport
2019-06-18Peacock invasion rocks community in Palm Bay
2019-06-18Port St. Lucie criminal justice teacher accused of stealing over $3 000 from students $512 from school
2019-06-17Florida Man 62 Strips Performs "Strange Dance" At McDonald's. Then Tries To Impregnate A Railing.
2019-06-17Florida man says he had sex with stolen pool toys instead of raping women
2019-06-17Man arrested after killing father on Father's Day police say
2019-06-17South Florida doctor arrested after dispensing meth to patients DEA says
2019-06-14Florida man arrested for ramming main gate at Mayport Naval Station with stolen dump truck
2019-06-14Florida man beats Uber driver with car antenna cane
2019-06-13Florida man arrested after calling police to have his drugs tested
2019-06-13Florida man busted for allegedly putting 70-year-old roommate in headlock after shower dispute
2019-06-13Florida Man Tased by Cop Florida Woman While Taking Down Criminal Florida Man Riboberto Castillo | June 13
2019-06-13Man Leads Police on a Chase in a Mail Truck and the Outcome is Predictable
2019-06-12Cops wanted to arrest Florida man at home but he was't there. So they called him
2019-06-12Florida Couple Uses Pet Alligator In Baby Gender Reveal
2019-06-12Florida Man Accused of Trying to Hide His Meth in a Box of 'Hot Fresh Potato Wedges'
2019-06-12Florida Man Weaponizes Urine Soaks Unsuspecting Cops In Circle K Parking Lot
2019-06-12Florida man wearing 'COKE' shirt busted for selling... coke (cocaine)
2019-06-12He led police on a wild chase to the Keys. Along the way he swallowed 20 crack rocks cops say
2019-06-11Florida man caught with cocaine on his nose insists drugs were not his: deputies
2019-06-11Florida man who attacked deputies with bar stool shot killed
2019-06-11Vehicle burglar arrested after Miami Beach homeowner holds iPhone like gun until police arrive
2019-06-06Pensacola woman left dent in ex-boyfriend's head, after alleged hit with baseball bat
2019-06-06Pet raccoon seen hanging out of car near Central Florida
2019-06-05Mother accused of leaving 7-year-old trapped inside home with no AC food water
2019-06-05Woman Told Cops She Stabbed Herself Three Times Because "I'm Tired Of Living In Trump's Country"
2019-06-04Alabaster police arrest man for allegedly attacking two women with a sword
2019-06-04Drunk Sarasota charter boat captain held passengers captive for 12 hours police say
2019-06-04Florida Man Says Woman At Gym Liked It When He Masturbated
2019-06-04Florida thief takes blowtorch to ATM welds it shut instead
2019-06-04Man Arrested For Domestic Ketchup Battery Beau covered sleeping victim with condiment
2019-06-04Off The Beat: Drinking game rules in Fort Pierce include getting stabbed
2019-06-03Deputies: Florida man swerved at intentionally ran over dog
2019-06-03Ex-Miami school board member 81 shoots at police in chase
2019-06-03Florida man pours salt in Walmart to get rid of evil spirits around him sheriff says
2019-06-03Men try to steal from ATM using blow torch weld it together instead
2019-06-03One person shot in buttocks over restaurant bill police say
2019-06-03Pasco man sprayed words "white trash" on mom's driveway deputies say
2019-06-03This Is Florida: Police And Elderly Man Exchange Gunfire Over A Parking Space
2019-06-03Trouble Ensues When The Molly Hits The Floor Woman denied owning MDMA that fell from crotch
2019-06-03Turns out you ca't bring machetes to an axe-throwing bar St. Petersburg police say
2019-06-01Scottie Pippen SUES five-year-old girl claiming she defaced his $10 million Florida mansion by scribbling on walls with crayons while her parents rented out the home for seven months and 'caused $110 000 of damage'
2019-05-31Booty dancing twerking and shoplifting all wrapped up in one crime
2019-05-31Florida man accidentally shoots kills woman during foreplay deputies say
2019-05-31Florida man breaks into home claiming he was getting away from alligators deputies say
2019-05-31Florida man obsessed with Bulgarian camgirl before allegedly killing his family records show
2019-05-31Fort Lauderdale woman accused of scamming elderly in Boynton Beach
2019-05-31Sorry Toilet Snake you have been replaced by Kitchen Alligator.
2019-05-30Florida man accused of fleeing police gloating in 911 call: 'Like what do we pay you guys for'
2019-05-30Florida woman spanks stepson 26 for missing curfew police say
2019-05-30Security Feed Revealed Man's Suicide Prep Husband called 911 to report despondent spouse
2019-05-30Two arrested at a mall in Florida for leaving small pig inside hot car
2019-05-29Florida high school teacher faces criticism after writing implied expletive on students paper
2019-05-29Florida man arrested accused of fleeing deputy then calling 911 to brag
2019-05-29Florida man wouldnt flush. Thats when the police got involved
2019-05-29Florida woman accused of assaulting Burger King manager after being denied free fries
2019-05-29Snake Rises From Toilet Bites Florida Man
2019-05-28Florida man arrested for hitting mom on head with corn cob
2019-05-28Snake slithers out of toilet bites Coral Springs man on arm
2019-05-28South Florida family nicknamed tomb raiders convicted of stealing homes from dead people
2019-05-27Florida man spends off days cleaning veterans headstones
2019-05-27Marijuana left in washing machine causes fight in Florida
2019-05-26Florida police: Baby delivered after man fatally shoots wife
2019-05-24Florida man runs over an officer at a traffic stop. At least he was polite about it.
2019-05-24Man dead after shooting involving law enforcement outside mosque near Fort Lauderdale
2019-05-23Bitcoin Pizza Day: How a hungry Florida man made cryptocurrency history
2019-05-23Man caught on camera stealing package from Pembroke Pines porch
2019-05-23Serial killer who took 10 wome's lives executed in Florida
2019-05-23Teen prom after-party shut down by deputies after 'enormous' amount of alcohol found
2019-05-22Florida man arrested for crashing wedding on St. Pete Beach during bride and groom's first dance
2019-05-22Florida man fatally stabbed father during argument
2019-05-22FloridaMan attempts to down a plane with a green laser
2019-05-22Local Wendy's investigating video of man bathing in kitchen sink
2019-05-22Off The Beat: Sex acts while driving in Fort Pierce
2019-05-22Pensacola man arrested for burglary after posting alleged crime on Facebook Live
2019-05-21Battery Arrest Over Hedgehog Custody Dispute Cops: Teen hit mom during fight over spiny mammal
2019-05-21Florida deputies arrest man accused of taping dogs mouth shut
2019-05-21Florida man steals car says he was merely borrowing it from a crack head
2019-05-21Shirtless Florida man steals highway patrol cruiser leads wild chase At times the chase reached nearly 150 miles per hour.
2019-05-20Contraband Charge For Woman Who Told Jailers She Forgot About The Pills Nestled Between Her Breasts
2019-05-20Florida Man sheriff directs deputies to arrest pregnant Florida Woman corrections officer (his ex-mistress) who he claims is stalking him
2019-05-19Florida man arrested for possession of fentanyl child neglect
2019-05-19Woman killed by Florida passenger train she tried to beat
2019-05-1873-year-old Florida man attempts to rob 80-year-old Florida man. 80-year-old Florida man shoots 73-year-old Florida man in self-defense.
2019-05-18Maternity photo shows mom-to-be posing with gator shotgun and beer. Because Florida.
2019-05-18She won $1 million in the Florida Lottery. A year later shes part of a major drug bust
2019-05-18Suspect in Old Northeast murder is an internet troll who shot up a store with an AK-47
2019-05-17A man called 911 after a comedian made Middle Eastern jokes at a comedy club
2019-05-17A South Florida woman says she became a victim to cell phone technology in her home and her ex was at the controls.
2019-05-17FHP releases video of suspect stealing cruiser; man hits 149 mph at one point
2019-05-17Florida woman accused of threatening to shoot everyone at elementary school deputies say
2019-05-17Man killed woman detained after livestreaming SWAT standoff at Davie mobile home
2019-05-16 Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere threatened to kill his neighbors Monday evening after they told his 26-year-old daughter that they would call the police on her an Oviedo Police Department incident report said.
2019-05-16Beeping kitchen thermometer in dumpster at Texas Roadhouse restaurant was found to be the cause.
2019-05-16Florida man arrested as he live streams his own crime hits baby in head
2019-05-16Florida man fled in replica of TVs General Lee car after setting exs house on fire reports say
2019-05-16Florida Man on extreme Game of Thrones binge caught loudly watching sex scene in McDonalds drive thru
2019-05-16Florida stripper assaulted man with coconut for filming her outside club police say
2019-05-16Florida woman due in court after she allegedly gave birth to child fathered by 11-year-old
2019-05-16Florida woman who smiled in mugshot after deadly DUI crash sentenced
2019-05-16Pasco woman accused of hitting man with pot for fishing too much
2019-05-16Passenger stopped with loaded gun ammo at Bradley airport
2019-05-16Police Arrest Man Who Claims Playing Basketball Naked Enhances His Skill Level
2019-05-15Felony Rap In Alleged Sanitary Napkin Battery Woman hit hospital worker with "used" item
2019-05-15Florida arrested for pointing green laser at Manatee County Sheriffs Office helicopter
2019-05-15Florida Man Gets Five Years in Prison for Stealing Nintendo Switch
2019-05-15Florida man poses as FBI agent dumps live catfish on woman's driveway
2019-05-15Florida man slaps sleeping girlfriend with cheeseburger deputies say
2019-05-15Landscaper pawned $31K ring for $80: Police
2019-05-15There was no shooting: Victim of shooting near Daytona Beach pizza shop disputes police account
2019-05-15Wanted Florida man found hiding in dishwasher at SC mobile home park
2019-05-14Florida man arrested after stolen caskets found in stolen rental truck
2019-05-14Florida man brings his kid to work. Police call that child abuse
2019-05-14Florida Woman beats husband after he attempts threesome
2019-05-14Mermaid class coming to Palm Coast Aquatics Center
2019-05-14Palm Coast Floirda Woman teaching a class on proper mermaid swimming techniques
2019-05-13A Florida city is trying to foreclose on a 69-year-old man's house because he let his grass grow too tall
2019-05-13An allegedly drunk Florida man stole a car set fire to a home and then led Union Beach police on a wild foot chase into the marshland.
2019-05-13Florida man arrested after Disney World security finds gun in his bag
2019-05-13Florida man chews up lit cigarette spits pieces on deputies during arrest
2019-05-13Florida man dodges lovebugs trying to get into his house
2019-05-13Florida man woman accused of stealing $500 worth of Red Bull
2019-05-13Florida woman missing for 6 years found in warehouse freezer
2019-05-13Man charged after reportedly grabbing ducks by neck and throwing them
2019-05-12Florida man gets life for fatally stabbing girlfriend
2019-05-12Florida man raises $22 million for Trumps border wall spends the money for himself instead.
2019-05-12Florida man set fire to N.J. home stole car then ran from cops authorities say
2019-05-12Witnesses watched in horror as mother threw baby against fence
2019-05-11Florida man caught driving on I-4 standing through moon roof faces domestic battery charges
2019-05-11Hundreds of bugs crawled from a girls backpack police say as a Florida mom is charged with neglect
2019-05-11Oxygen Network announces plan for new series called Florida Man
2019-05-10A Florida man called 911 to report someone chasing him. All cops could find was his meth
2019-05-10Detectives: Woman put baby in bag tossed her in trash bin
2019-05-10FHP: Florida man driving Cadillac from sunroof says hed rather go to jail than back to his wife
2019-05-10Florida Man late for work because of traffic jam caused by manatee gangbang
2019-05-10Florida man regrets trying to pawn his baby for laughs on Snapchat
2019-05-10Florida man returns chunk of Stonehenge he swiped 60 years ago
2019-05-10Florida man tells police he shot his 'disrespectful' wife in the face
2019-05-10Florida Mans Popular Pizzeria Fails to Meet Health Standards 10 Straight Times Couldnt Care Less
2019-05-10Florida woman accused of stashing 7 syringes in her vagina was "snarling and yelling" at staff inside a Burger King
2019-05-10He was shot while standing in line at Publix. But how Heres how Pasco deputies figured it out.
2019-05-10Homeless Florida man and homeless Florida woman accused of having sex in parking lot 10 feet away from second homeless Florida man and second homeless Florida woman accused of simultaneously having sex in the same parking lot.
2019-05-10Man claims self-defense after allegedly stabbing man who spit on his car
2019-05-10Man tells police he shot 'disrespectful' wife in the face
2019-05-10Mystery creature: What the hell did this Florida woman find in her yard
2019-05-10Nassau County woman visiting jail inmate arrested
2019-05-10Stolen car crashes into home after being chased by stolen deputy cruiser police say
2019-05-10Taco Bell employee captured on video swinging at customer who complained about his food
2019-05-10The Florida Man Arrested For His "I EAT ASS" Sticker Might Sue The Sheriffs Office
2019-05-09Florida man arrested after calling 911 while hallucinating on meth deputies say
2019-05-09Florida man assaulted by woman screaming go home Jew tell your neighbors that Jesus Christ is here
2019-05-09Florida man gets life for slaying he blamed on sleepwalking
2019-05-09Florida Man Sentenced To Life For Murder He Blamed On Sleepwalking
2019-05-09Florida woman throws knife at roommates head during argument
2019-05-09NYPD Transit cops arrest a man for one murder and he says hes committed 6 more
2019-05-09Police: Man taunted cop before he was tasered ran into traffic
2019-05-08Florida deputies search for man accused of dragging dog behind truck
2019-05-08Florida man arrested after sending video of himself touching sleeping womans buttocks to her husband via Facebook Messenger.
2019-05-08Florida Man crashes lawn mower into cop car tells police officer "fuck Im drunk take me to jail"
2019-05-08Florida woman who set fire stabbed deputy gets year in prison
2019-05-08Fort Pierce man learns dangers of wearing siblings pants
2019-05-08I am now so furious about you that I even couldnt control my mind killing you seriously
2019-05-08Man working on roof dead after coworker trips gun goes off in Riverview
2019-05-08Teenage Florida Man hacks his high school emails everyone urgent announcement about "mandatory penis inspections in accordance with Florida Penal Code 69."
2019-05-07FloridaMan Arrested for Sticker on Car that says I Eat Ass
2019-05-07South Florida Uber driver races through storm to get Keith Urban to SunFest
2019-05-06Cops to Florida woman: Do you have anything else She pulled a gator from her pants.
2019-05-06Florida man driving lawn mower charged with DUI after hitting a police car cops say
2019-05-06Florida woman pulls alligator out of pants during traffic stop
2019-05-06They were standing at a Publix register when her purse fell. Her Derringer fired and hit him
2019-05-05Cops to man who used blond wig as disguise: I mean come on man have a little dignity!
2019-05-05Florida man accidentally shoots self in Publix LAND OLAKES Fla. - A Florida man shopping at a supermarket accidentally shot himself when his gun discharged.
2019-05-05Florida Man Caught FaceTiming High-Speed Pursuit While Traveling 110 MPH
2019-05-05Florida Man Mayor jailed due to missing guns drugs dealing domestic abuse on the 2 women living in his house medical malpractice with a child dying shooting smoke detectors and much more.
2019-05-05Florida man nearly drowns trying to rescue family dog from lake because he was wearing steel toed boots. The dog was fine.
2019-05-04Attorney: Florida woman left alone in jail cell while giving birth
2019-05-04Florida man in werewolf mask allegedly burned shocked 2-year-old girl Sheriffs officials said he recorded the abuse on his cellphone and on home surveillance video.
2019-05-04Meet the Woman Who Married Ted Bundy and Had His Baby While He Was on Death Row
2019-05-03Couple Had Sex In Front Of Police Headquarters Defendant dismissed illicit act as just "a Key West moment"
2019-05-03Florida man and Florida woman arrested for having sex on the beach "in every possible position fully nude...They did not cover up...It went on for 25 minutes."
2019-05-03Florida Man Arrested After Inviting Police Officer to Smoke a Bowl With Him
2019-05-03Florida man beat 3-year-old girl with brick because she wouldn't listen police say
2019-05-03Florida Woman Slashes Tires When Man Wont Stop Playing Video Games
2019-05-03Man touches himself on Florida beach because women were in thongs police say Suspect says he knew better
2019-05-03Moron Gang Members Misspell Racial Slur Forcibly Tattooed On Victim's Neck
2019-05-03PORT ST. LUCIE A naked man accused of actively tugging at his private parts in public got locked up according to police.
2019-05-03Sheriff: Florida man shot sleeping toddler with airsoft gun forced her to wear shock collar
2019-05-02Florida man gets 15 years for sex trafficking of girl 15
2019-05-02Florida man gets life sentence for killing man stealing his car
2019-05-02Florida man sentenced to prison for smuggling turtles in candy wrappers
2019-05-02Two Florida teens prayed for help after being swept out to sea during a swim. A boat called the Amen came to save them
2019-05-01Brazen Daylight Rib Roast Heist Thwarted By Alert Supermarket Manager
2019-05-01Coroner: Woman obsessed with Columbine died before warnings
2019-05-01Florida man convicted for threatening to behead Sen. Bernie Sanders "ISIS-style"
2019-05-01These kids were picking up trash for Earth Day. Then they found a 22-pound bale of weed
2019-04-30Man allegedly threatens to shoot employees at pet store after newly purchased puppies fell ill
2019-04-29Florida man blind dog complete 1 100-mile hike across the state
2019-04-27Florida man attacked partner with machete because she said she was leaving him records state
2019-04-26Florida man drops off baby cheetah at fire station After lots of investigating fire crews determined it might not be a cheetah cub after all.
2019-04-26Meth-smoking Florida man attacks mattress in jealous rage
2019-04-26Meth-smoking Florida man attacks mattress in jealous rage deputies say
2019-04-26Mom-Daughter Drone Duo Is Headed For Jail Pair nabbed flying phones tobacco into prison
2019-04-25Florida fisherman nearly loses hand after contracting flesh-eating bacteria
2019-04-23Easter Bunny brawler is Pasco man and fugitive from New Jersey with violent past
2019-04-22Florida man arrested for igniting homemade pipe bomb and sharing video on Facebook
2019-04-19APRIL 19--While being booked for causing a disturbance at a bar a Florida Man rubbed the buttocks of a fingerprint technician according to a police report which notes that the suspect said he pawed the female victim because she was sexy. Jack Dylan Evan
2019-04-17Cops: Drunk Driver Wore Novelty Undies Drawers imprinted with "breathalyzer" and "blow here"
2019-04-17Florida man accused of using squirt gun to shoot his urine at woman walking her dog
2019-04-17Florida woman fights off half-naked 300 pound attacker with baseball bat
2019-04-17Man who tossed daughter off Florida bridge found guilty of murder
2019-04-16Florida man accused of firing pee-filled squirt gun at woman
2019-04-16Officials: Man planned to have Florida girl he sexually assaulted killed before trial
2019-04-16Retiree Busted For Singing Nasty Ditty Cops: Neighbor targeted in song about "bitch"
2019-04-15A cassowary a rare emu-like bird attacks and kills Florida man officials say
2019-04-15Floridian 71 Nabbed In Water Pisstol Attack Cops: Perp squirted female victim with his urine
2019-04-14Drunk Florida man arrested at Olive Garden after eating handfuls of pasta
2019-04-14Florida man arrested for speeding told deputies the car is a Ferrari and it goes fast
2019-04-14Florida man gets out of jail back in 15 minutes later
2019-04-13Florida man strips naked and poops in Naples family s yard
2019-04-12Florida Man Arrested Outside Olive Garden After Angrily 'Shoveling Spaghetti Into His Mouth'
2019-04-12Police: Florida man angry over cost of cigarettes hits clerk with beer bottle
2019-04-11Florida Man Threatens To Destroy Everyone With Army Of Turtles Police Say
2019-04-11Three naked women were spotted at a Pasco rest stop. Then came the high-speed pursuit
2019-04-09Florida Man accused of stealing from Kmart days after buying $8 million private island
2019-04-09Florida man arrested for breaking into village hall smearing blood on American flag
2019-04-09Florida man buys $8 million island then steals from Kmart
2019-04-09Florida man caught abusing young alligator putting cigarette in its mouth
2019-04-09Florida man caught on video hitting alligator putting cigarette in its mouth
2019-04-09Florida Man Stabbed His Father Hit Mother With Mug Because His Pork Chop Was Too Acidic
2019-04-08Florida man arrested for 2001 murder shortly after being released from prison
2019-04-08Florida man brutally attacked parents over pork chop documents say
2019-04-08Florida man goes on trial for murder of wife 26 years ago
2019-04-06Florida man arrested for burglary minutes after his release from jail
2019-04-05Florida man arrested in golf cart with 5 bottles of Fireball
2019-04-05Thong-wearing Florida man arrested while building shed with garbage on strangers property
2019-04-01Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire
2019-04-01Florida Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Dragging Officer 100 Yards
2019-04-01Florida Man Knocks Out Woman With Propane Tank After She Accused Him Of Cheating Police Say
2019-03-30Florida woman charged with killing 21-yr-old in orange grove
2019-03-28Probation For Model Recorded Stomping On Dog. Elevator cam caught woman abusing tiny canine
2019-03-27Again NEVER Call The Cops When You've Been Ripped Off In A Prostitution Transaction
2019-03-27CAUGHT ON CAM: Florida man awaiting bond hearing punches lawyer in head
2019-03-27Florida man calls 911 with elaborate story of robbery to get out of work
2019-03-27Florida man faked robbery to get out of work
2019-03-2650 years for Florida man who raped neighbor then offered yard work to make up for it
2019-03-26Cops: Woman Kept Calling 911 To Report Boyfriend Was "Not Being Nice To Her"
2019-03-26Florida man arrested after traffic crash found with fake urine says its for role play with spouse
2019-03-26Police: Florida Man Attacked Mother Over Mannequin Suspect also tried to force feed victim dumplings
2019-03-25Cape Coral police arrest man with enough fentanyl to kill 3 400 people
2019-03-23Florida man gets 18 months for threatening calls to Congress members
2019-03-22Florida man wanted a womans egg rolls so badly it landed him in jail police say
2019-03-21A Florida Man let it all hang out at a strip club dancer says. He wasn t part of the act
2019-03-21Florida man pleads guilty in pipe bomb mailings that targeted CNN and Trump critics
2019-03-20Florida man attacked by a crazy squirrel gone nuts. And it was raised by a neighbor
2019-03-19Hot sauce saves Florida man after car crashes into Taco Bell
2019-03-18Florida Man Crushed To Death By His Own Car
2019-03-17Florida man finds iguana in toilet calls 911
2019-03-15Florida man dresses as Spider-Man steals liquor and cigarettes
2019-03-14Drunk shirtless Florida man harasses people at the park
2019-03-14Florida Mayor Arrested Just Weeks After Taking Over for Florida Mayor Who was Arrested
2019-03-13Florida man arrested for keeping dog outside for days
2019-03-13Florida Man brings AK-47 to sons school after son says teacher pushed him
2019-03-13Pickleball Dispute Ends With Wife Behind Bars Cops: Florida Woman 61 pummeled hubby 67
2019-03-12Florida Man Who Traded Child Porn For Video Games Gets Maximum Sentence
2019-03-08Deputies: Pregnant Florida woman stabbed boyfriend for looking at another woman on roommates phone
2019-03-07Florida Man Arrested For Hoax 911 Call Then Opening Fire on Responding Paramedics
2019-03-06Florida man tried to bring replica grenade launcher on plane TSA says
2019-02-24Couple Had Sex In Rear Of Police Squad Car Cop suspended for letting suspects get frisky
2019-02-24Florida man charged after grandma dies; bed filled with maggots
2019-02-24Florida man steals $33 000 in rare coins uses them in change machines
2019-02-24Florida woman hops on elderly drivers lap tries to steal car
2019-02-23Rape kit tested 12 years later led to arrest of Florida man
2019-02-20Florida man accused of fracturing skull of newborn who woke him up
2019-02-18Naked And Belligerent Woman Busted Cops: Fiance attacked over sex declination
2019-02-14Florida man caught on camera licking doorbell
2019-02-14Florida man caught on video licking doorbell
2019-02-13Florida man arrested for performing sex acts on dog while wearing dog costume
2019-02-12Florida man accused of recording himself having sex with dog
2019-02-12Man Batters Girlfriend With A Burrito Dope 41 faces misdemeanor count for attack
2019-02-09Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Live Alligator Into Wendys Drive-Thru Window
2019-02-07Florida official accused of licking ma's face resigns
2019-02-04Police: Woman Battered Beau With Pork Chop Victim left lacerated after frozen meat struck him
2019-01-31Florida Girl 14 Makes Like A Florida Man Teen stole deliverymans car for rendezvous with beau
2019-01-31Florida man arrested for the third time in under 3 months
2019-01-31Florida man jailed for weeks for heroin charge but powder was actually laundry detergent
2019-01-31Florida man thought hed do donuts on an airport runway. Police were't amused
2019-01-30Florida man robs restaurant at finger point
2019-01-30Florida man spent weeks in jail for heroin that was actually detergent
2019-01-29Florida man accused of killing family after being kicked out for stealing $210K for obsession with porn site model
2019-01-29This Florida man stole laxatives because he thought they were opioids police say
2019-01-28Florida man faces murder charges in deaths of 3 relatives
2019-01-28Florida Man Finds a WWII Grenade Places It in His Truck Drives to Taco Bell
2019-01-28Florida man finds World War II grenade tosses it in the trunk brings it to a Taco Bell
2019-01-28Florida man learns hard way he stole laxatives not opioids
2019-01-28Police: Man attacks woman in Florida over too much TV talk
2019-01-27Florida man accused of trafficking 14-year-old girl for sex
2019-01-27Officials: Florida woman killed dismembered boyfriend in RV
2019-01-27Police: Palm Bay man charged with attacking woman after complaint he talked too much during TV
2019-01-24Trump will handle it. Florida man has warning after harassing Iraqi neighbors
2019-01-24Woman Accused Of Hitting Boyfriend With Machete ADT Yard Sign
2019-01-23North Florida Man Beat Pepper Sprayed Mom Because 'She Was a Narcissist': Police
2019-01-22Deputies: Florida woman shot after performing sexual act for $5 and Pringles
2019-01-22Florida man accused of letting it all hang out in the pillow aisle of Walmart got locked up
2019-01-21Florida Man Shot After Charging at Deputy With Scissors
2019-01-21Florida man woman run over by patrol car while lying in road to watch eclipse
2019-01-18HORSES VS. MAN: Video captures steeds going after suspect running from deputies
2019-01-17Video: Deputies saddle fleeing suspect with the help of horse trio in hot pursuit
2019-01-15Florida Man Causes Highway Crash Steals Good Samarita's Truck Who Stopped To Help
2019-01-14Florida man gets a slippery surprise as he finds a boa constrictor resting under the hood of his Cadillac
2019-01-14Florida man threatens to kill man 'with kindness ' uses machete named 'Kindness'
2019-01-14Man who drove Ferrari into Intracoastal told police that 'Jesus told him to'
2019-01-11Florida Man Chews Up Police Car Seat After Cocaine Arrest
2019-01-10Florida Man Allegedly Fooled Family Into Believing Murdered Wife Was Still Alive
2019-01-10Raunchy Duo Busted For Lewd Encounter Public tryst in roadway atop car ends in handcuffs
2019-01-09Minnesota Man 48 Gets Naked Imitates Florida Man In St. Petersburg Hotel
2019-01-08Florida man arrested after argument over cheesesteak
2019-01-08Florida woman accused of fatally beating husband with a cane
2019-01-08Police: Florida teacher smears human feces at park to ruin party for principals daughter
2019-01-07Florida man denies syringes found in rectum are his
2019-01-07Surveillance video captures man stealing generator from South Florida store
2019-01-05Florida man killed ex-girlfriend while trying to get rid of the Devil sheriff says
2019-01-05Man Accused of Killing Ex-Girlfriend Shooting Another Woman
2019-01-04Florida man arrested after hitting dad with pizza because he was mad he helped birth him
2019-01-04Florida woman attacks parents after they refuse to take her to Outback
2019-01-04Son Arrested For Pizza Attack On His Father Cops: Man angry victim "helped give birth to him"
2019-01-03Florida man arrested at Mar-a-lago says he came to talk to Trump about 'his $6.3 trillion'
2019-01-03Of course 'Florida Man' drove his Ferrari off dock into the ocean
2019-01-02Florida man arrested following fight over straw at McDonald’s
2019-01-02Florida man doesn't get straw attacks McDonald's employee
2018-12-31Florida Keys fisherman reels in bale of suspected cocaine
2018-12-29Florida man gets 10 years for ordering his dogs to attack deputies
2018-12-28Florida woman robs postal truck with toy gun flees on tricycle
2018-12-26Man drives Ferrari off a dock into the Palm Beach Inlet
2018-12-25Florida man worried about vampires burns down his house
2018-12-17Florida teacher accused of filing false police report as cover for being late for work
2018-12-17Police say man tried to trade marijuana for fast food at McDonald's
2018-12-17South Florida man accused of sympathizing with ISIS posting bomb making videos
2018-12-14Florida man arrested for biting boys out of frustration
2018-12-13Florida man who stockpiled nearly four tons of explosives sentenced to federal prison
2018-12-12Deputy cleared for shooting naked man armed with crossbow who claimed aliens were after him
2018-12-11Florida Man Arrested for DUI While Lemur and Wallaby Escape from Truck During Traffic Stop
2018-12-11South Florida man arrested after reportedly stalking family for months
2018-12-10Man steals elderly woma's purse runs her over with car in central Florida parking lot
2018-12-06Florida man arrested for shoplifting after job interview at Kohls
2018-12-06Florida man arrested for shoplifting following job interview at Kohls
2018-12-05The "Worlds Dumbest Criminal" Cops To Stealing Weed Trimmer Lawnmower From Walmart
2018-12-04Cops Memorialize The Sage Words Of Florida Man Ex-con 52 was caught having sex on beach
2018-12-04Florida Man goes to light festival tells kids there is no Santa
2018-12-03Florida Man Arrested After Offering Undercover Cop A Hamburger In Exchange For Sex Act
2018-12-02Florida Man Gets Nearly 12 Years For Bank Robbery Where Money (Literally) Ended Up In The Toilet
2018-11-29Woman passes gas in store pulls knife on offended customer
2018-11-28Sentence upheld for South Florida man who put killing on Facebook
2018-11-28Woman Arrested After Gas Leak At Dollar General Cops: Shopper pulled knife after fart comments
2018-11-27Florida man clings to hang glider 4k feet above Swiss mountains after pilot forgets to strap him in
2018-11-27Florida man punched squeezed life out of baby
2018-11-27Florida man stabs woman with fork over undercooked baked potato
2018-11-27Woman passes gas in store then pulls knife on an offended customer cops say
2018-11-26Man Behind Bars Following Arrest In Bizarre Potato Rage Incident
2018-11-26Nassau County man stabs woman over undercooked potato
2018-11-23Deputies: Florida woman on meth arrested for running through traffic with baby in arms
2018-11-21Florida man uses fake ID steals $41K in dental implants $10K for French bulldog
2018-11-21Woman Charged In Chinese Food Battery On Beau Wanton attack occurred at Florida mobile home park
2018-11-20Florida man arrested for having sex with miniature horse on multiple occasions deputies say
2018-11-20Jacksonville police searching for burglars who ate snacks made cocktails ransacked local homes
2018-11-20Miniature Horse Lover Gets Corralled Cops: Creepy Floridian 21 gave confession
2018-11-16Man wearing homemade knife necklace charges at neighbors ECSO says
2018-11-15Deputies arrest Florida man wanted for multiple drug charges
2018-11-15Florida man walked into police station asked to go to jail for child porn
2018-11-15Florida woman charged with stealing live lobster from restaurant
2018-11-14Florida man accused of putting semen in coworkers water
2018-11-12Drunken Florida man accused of biting off ma's fingertip
2018-11-12Florida man claims he killed dismembered roommate because he was possibly next mass killer'
2018-11-12Florida man dressed as Fred Flintstone pulled over for driving 'footmobile'
2018-11-12Naked Florida man revealed on video sneaking into restaurant and munching on ramen
2018-11-08ops Bust Man Who Said Name Was "Ben Dover" At least perp did not claim to be Heywood Jablome
2018-11-06Florida man accused of breaking into alligator farm is attacked by crocodile leaves Croc shoe behind
2018-11-06Florida man bitten after jumping into pit at St. Augustine Alligator Farm
2018-11-02Doctors find maggot deeply embedded in Florida woma's groin
2018-11-02Florida man kicks bear to save dog
2018-11-01Florida man arrested for barging into homes seeking someone to fight him
2018-11-01It Does Not Get Much More Florida Than This Woman 24 arrested for meth child neglect
2018-10-31Florida man arrested after another sex toy was thrown on the field during Bills-Patriots game
2018-10-24Florida man faces 10 years in prison for cruise assault
2018-10-23Florida man accused of groping woman on flight tells authorities 'the President says it's ok'
2018-10-21Falling palm tree kills woman in hammock in Florida
2018-10-18Cops: Presidential Helo Mechanic In Meth Bust Defendant 30 works for Sikorsky Aircraft
2018-10-18Florida man accused of cutting off penis of exs new boyfriend
2018-10-14Florida man hid heroin in 5-year-olds shirt
2018-10-11Man Arrested For Pelting His Mother With Sausages Cops Report
2018-10-10Support Squirrel Prompts Plane Dispute Woman refused to leave jet when told of rodent ban
2018-10-05Do not warm urine. Florida gas station warns people not to put pee in the microwave.
2018-10-05Florida store owner: Don't warm urine in my microwave
2018-10-04Dirty Dancing Reenactment Is Panned By Cops Woman 24 placed in corner of squad car
2018-10-04Florida woman gets 12 years for poisoning baby with Tylenol
2018-10-02Florida man tries to buy an 8-year-old girl from mother at Walmart for $200 000
2018-10-02Police: Man tried to buy girl from mother at Florida Walmart
2018-10-01Florida Woman Ends Up Behind Bars After Robbery "Prank" Backfires
2018-09-28Man Bites Dog Pleads Guilty To Felony Rap Nitwit injured Husky "to establish dominance"
2018-09-24Florida woman accused of leaving dog to die in dumpster because she could't afford it
2018-09-20Florida man charged with setting woman on fire after dispute
2018-09-20Florida Man Continues Gardening Naked Despite Neighbors Pleas To Stop
2018-09-20Neighbors complain about Florida man doing yardwork naked
2018-09-17Cops: Father Drove Teens To Park For Sex "They could be out there doing worse " man says
2018-09-12Florida woman accused of pouring hot sauce in husbands eyes during fight
2018-09-11Cokehead: Jailers Make Surprise Discovery When Prying Wig Off Inmate's Head
2018-09-11Cops: Argument Over Kaepernick Turned Violent Concrete contractor 60 faces battery charge
2018-09-07Florida man drunk and naked allegedly set house on fire in failed cookie baking attempt
2018-09-03Florida man flees traffic stop jumps into canal but is overcome by blue-green algae
2018-08-28As Arrest Loomed Florida Man Decided To Channel His Inner Michael Scott
2018-08-24Florida security guard fired after posting farting videos online
2018-08-21Deputies: Florida woman steals donations meant for dead girls family uses money to buy drugs
2018-08-20Video shows Florida woman in wheelchair riding in back of pickup truck
2018-08-17Octogenarian In Topless Box Wine Bust Shirtless woman 81 quaffed Sunset Blush
2018-08-16Cops: Man 39 Battered Girlfriend 78 Over Unpaid DirecTV Bill
2018-08-03Yes, the moon has its own Catholic bishop
2018-08-02Man Dumped Bucket Of Waste Inside 7-Eleven Suspect sourced his slurry from portable toilet
2018-07-30Florida man makes beer run with gator in hand
2018-07-30FWC investigates Jacksonville man who made beer run with gator in hand
2018-07-25Florida Man s Family Values Appear Shaky Nitwit 22 jailed for battering pregnant girlfriend
2018-07-24Masseuse Mi Suk Suk Bae Could Lose License Over "Happy Ending" Arrest
2018-07-23South Florida man believes paramedics took his jewelry after being shot
2018-07-21Central Florida man killed by deputies after he kills dog
2018-07-20Hero waitress body slams Florida man who touched her buttocks
2018-07-17South Florida woman accused of killing mother who left her out of will
2018-07-13Florida man with no arms charged with stabbing Chicago tourist
2018-07-12Man charged with attacking minion on Florida boardwalk
2018-07-11Florida man tells deputies he wasn't drinking while driving just at stop signs
2018-07-10A Distinction Without A Difference Driver told cops he only drank at stop signs
2018-07-06Man accused of assaulting women across Florida gets tased after trying to run from cops
2018-07-05Man Tells Cop He "Really Enjoyed" Resisting Arrest Because It Was Like Being On A TV Show
2018-07-05South Florida man seen on video lighting fireworks inside Dollar Tree
2018-07-04Florida to seek the death penalty against a grandmother accused of killing a woman to steal her identity
2018-07-03South Florida man tricks grandfather into sending $15 000 in ransom money
2018-06-26Florida woman accused of bringing drugs to jury duty
2018-06-26Florida woman attempts to break Guinness record for longest journey by stand-up paddleboard
2018-06-26New Port Richey woman brings drugs to jury duty deputies say
2018-06-25Florida homeowner has some regrets after killing thousands of swarming honeybees
2018-06-23Florida man charged after dog dies in hot car
2018-06-23Florida man charged with pointing gun at texting driver
2018-06-15Deputy: Florida man chugged can of beer during DUI stop
2018-06-14Florida man charged after asking deputies to test meth's quality
2018-06-11Florida man breaks into home steals alcohol falls asleep on couch
2018-06-11Ticket Trouble: South Florida man billed for 1995 speeding violation
2018-06-08Monkey in diaper found clinging to Florida man in stolen car police say
2018-06-08Woman sentenced to 18 years for kidnapping infant from Florida hospital in 1998
2018-06-07Driver Offers Florida Cops Best Explanation For Why He Is Driving With A Concealed Hatchet
2018-06-01Florida woman gets 7 years for forcing surrogate pregnancy
2018-05-31Florida woman named Crystal Methvin arrested for possession of crystal meth
2018-05-30Florida officer charged with threatening woman to get nude photos
2018-05-29Report: Sugar daddy gives St. Johns County woman bounced check
2018-05-28Florida man steals crashes unmarked police car near Miami
2018-05-25Homeowner Tried To Shoot Down Hovering Drone Floridian fired volley of 9mm shots at aerial intruder
2018-05-22Florida man arrested after going to playground telling children where babies come from
2018-05-21Florida couple steals motorized shopping cart from Walmart drives to bar
2018-05-17Florida woman smiles in mugshot after DUI crash that killed mother officials say
2018-05-17Police arrest fleeing Florida man when his pants fall down
2018-05-16Autopsy report confirms exploding vape pen killed Florida man
2018-05-14Police arrest man in Florida Keys for illegal lobster possession
2018-05-11Bodycam footage shows a naked man at airport causing chaos at baggage claim
2018-05-11Florida man hid legless fugitive girlfriend in plastic tote
2018-05-10Pregnant woman wins Florida Lottery scratch-off game days before Mothers Day
2018-05-09Florida Man Arrested For Attempting To “Barbecue” Child Molesters
2018-05-09Nassau County dad loses wife two kids in I-95 accident caused by alligator
2018-05-07Man accused of trying to set sex offenders on fire at Florida motel
2018-05-04Florida woma's gruesome roach-in-ear tale goes viral
2018-05-03Florida man robs bank throws stolen money out of window of getaway car as he leads police on chase
2018-05-01Florida Man Abducts Scientist To Make His Dog Immortal
2018-04-28Man hit killed by train in Florida
2018-04-27Florida man turns self in weeks after deadly double shooting
2018-04-26Florida man arrested for kicking swans at Lake Eola while practicing karate
2018-04-24Florida man slapped with Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish after argument police say
2018-04-23Man Battered Boyfriend With Singing Fish Big Mouth Billy Bass was used as a weapon
2018-04-23Police try to unlock phone with dead ma's finger in Florida
2018-04-21Florida man found guilty of killing 4 with machete
2018-04-20Florida woman charged with murder of newborn twins
2018-04-16Florida man arrested after asking What would happen if I stole some beer
2018-04-16Not only was the screaming man in the Publix parking lot punching cars he was naked
2018-04-13Florida woman arrested after 2-year-old tests positive for chronic meth
2018-04-13Sebastian man left gas station with beer after clerk warned alcohol sales had ended
2018-04-12Florida man accused of tying up ex-roommate cutting off her hair before killing her
2018-04-09Florida woman claims wind blew cocaine into her purse
2018-04-08North Florida woman at mud bog killed by lightning strike
2018-04-08Police: Woman Claims Wind Blew Cocaine Into Her Purse
2018-04-04Florida man crashes into home claims to be FBI agent and threatens to shoot an officer
2018-04-04He told cops the stuff in his pockets was daily vitamins. It wasnt anything healthy
2018-03-28Florida woman mistakes 37-week pregnancy for bad Chinese food
2018-03-21Florida man arrested for DUI had blood alcohol of .316
2018-03-21Florida Man Steals Car With Baby Still Inside Then Drops Baby Off at Nearby Gas Station
2018-03-19Florida Police Report Arrest Of Captain Dickhead
2018-03-09Woman sues Hamburger Mary's for $1.5M says she was injured by a drag queen's breast
2018-02-28Florida man reportedly attempts to rob convenience store armed with a finger
2018-02-28Florida woman accused of fatally shooting fiances dog after he reportedly refused to crack her back
2018-02-15Arrest After Victim Survives Cougar Attack Cops: Woman 64 pawed man at The Villages
2018-02-07Florida man does cartwheel for cops during field sobriety test
2018-02-07Florida man pulled over for DUI does cartwheel while telling cops about how much Chardonnay he drank
2018-02-05Florida man threatened to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey
2018-02-04Florida man arrested after threatening to kidnap Lana Del Rey police say
2018-02-04Florida woman found guilty in death of baby left in her care
2018-02-02Domestic Battery Triggered By Sting Song Police: Ex-Police mans tune escalated dispute
2018-02-01Florida man swung a sword in road-rage attack
2018-01-31Man dies after sand tunnel collapses on him at Florida beach
2018-01-30Florida man breaks into stranger's garage makes coffee
2018-01-24Florida man accused of fleeing scene of rollover crash abandoning injured step-daughters
2018-01-24Florida man severely beat 3-year-old girl put her in oven
2018-01-22Florida man attacks girlfriend with an unlikely weapon his dinner cops say
2018-01-19Woman who struck South Florida principal accepts plea deal
2018-01-18Florida man arrested for DUI after mistaking bank drive-thru for Taco Bell
2018-01-17Cops: Man Called 911 To Report Wife Was Spider Floridian busted for misusing emergency system
2018-01-17Florida man drunkenly called 911 to report his wife is a 'black widow spider'
2018-01-11Bear attacks man walking his dog in southwest Florida neighborhood
2018-01-06Florida man calls 911 to report himself drunk driving
2018-01-06Police: Florida teens lie in wait rob and fatally shoot man
2018-01-02Florida woman charged with neglecting son with cerebral palsy
2018-01-01Detectives: Florida man beat 6-year-old stepson to death for sneaking out of bed to get cookie
2017-12-22Man Charged For 911 Calls About Tiny Clams Seafood fan upset clams were "extremely so small"
2017-11-30Florida man tells deputies he shot up heroin during car chase
2017-11-29Deputies: Florida woman fatally shot misbehaving puppy
2017-11-29Police: Florida teen tries to carjack couple fails because he ca't drive manual transmission
2017-11-27Deputies: Florida man abandoned 3 children on dark highway
2017-11-27Florida man says he punched ATM for giving too much cash
2017-11-27Man arrested in Floridas Turnpike shooting that injured 2
2017-11-26Man arrested in deadly Florida sword attack
2017-11-25Florida woman celebrates 110th birthday on Christmas Day
2017-11-25Pregnant Florida woman fatally stabs attacking pit bull
2017-11-24Man tries to break into car arrested by deputies waiting inside
2017-11-23Florida man arrested for dinner complaints
2017-11-23Florida man fighting for his life after chasing monkey
2017-11-17Florida man left 2 kids in car while in strip club
2017-11-16Florida man charged with blowing off dogs paw with M-80
2017-11-15Elderly woman arrested after refusing to be evicted from Florida senior home
2017-11-14South Florida conman sentenced to Supermax — at his own request
2017-11-14Walmart Worker Walloped By Would-Be Thief Cops: Female employee punched in face by punk
2017-11-13Florida man accused of fatally kicking toddler because she got out of car seat
2017-11-08Florida executes man for pair of killings dating to 1991
2017-11-08Florida man charged with DUI while riding lawn mower
2017-11-07Police arrest Florida man accused of raping impregnating disabled 14-year-old girl
2017-11-0613-year-old charged with carjacking abducting woman in north Florida
2017-11-05Ex-Florida child welfare spokesman accused of child porn
2017-11-04Florida man sentenced to life for killing wife her 2 kids
2017-11-03Florida woman arrested for DUI while riding a horse
2017-11-03Florida woman charged with DUI on horse
2017-10-30Deputies: Florida man shoots at imagined intruders arrested
2017-10-27Cops: Hooker Wanted Beanie Baby From John Woman nabbed after barter offer to undercover
2017-10-25Woman who married at 11 seeks to change Florida marriage law
2017-10-24Florida man gets 7+ years prison for pimping teenage girl
2017-10-18Florida Keys woman paddleboards with pet chicken
2017-10-09Florida woman arrested after leaving child in hot car during jail visit
2017-10-04Naked Gun: Police say nude drunk Florida man fired weapons
2017-09-26Woman arrested in 27-year-old Florida killer clown case
2017-09-25Florida deputies: Man poured scalding water over 2-year-old
2017-09-21Florida Road Ragers Facing Felony Charges Police: Duo pummeled female motorist
2017-09-13Case Dropped Against Bikini Contest Brawler Woman was accused of attack with high heels
2017-09-10Florida ma's joke about shooting Irma gets taken seriously
2017-09-05Couple Nabbed After X-Rated Beach Romp Floridians frolicked "in the middle of families"
2017-09-01Florida man charged with using Confederate flag as weapon
2017-08-28Florida man stuffs over $1 000 in rectum in attempt to hide it from deputies
2017-08-25Florida man charged with stabbing mom to death
2017-08-17Police: Rifle Pulled During Ice Cream Beef McDonalds workers fled when customer got gun
2017-08-15Florida man gets 6 years for firing gun while taking selfie
2017-08-15Florida man wrecks liquor shop blames 'caterpillar' from Alice in Wonderland
2017-08-14Police: Florida man dies after punch from Uber driver
2017-07-29Florida man faces charges after baby dies in hot bedroom
2017-07-25Woman says South Florida felon gave her $200 000 bad check from dead perso's account
2017-07-12Cookie Monster Was Stuffed With Cocaine Key West man 39 jailed on pair of felonies
2017-07-11Florida man escapes alligator by punching it in the face while searching for golf balls
2017-07-11Police arrest Florida man on 100 counts of child porn
2017-07-06Florida car salesman robbed at knifepoint during test drive
2017-07-06Police: Florida woman attempts to chew meth found in buttocks
2017-07-05Florida woman found with meth in "buttocks area"
2017-07-04Iguana in toilet nothing Florida man ca't handle
2017-07-03Police: Florida man sits on gun shoots himself in penis
2017-07-02Man arrested for stealing ambulance from South Florida medical center
2017-06-29Police: Power line shocks man picking mangoes in Florida
2017-06-27South Florida woman bitten by monkey
2017-06-19Florida man fights off gun-wielding robbers with machete
2017-06-19South Florida man jailed in Middle East over prescription pain pills
2017-06-16Florida Mans Mousetrap Plot Fails Bigly Scheme to ID mail thief catches letter carrier
2017-06-12Man dies in Florida after being sucked under street sweeper
2017-06-09Naked Florida man damages patrol car after fleeing crash
2017-06-07Woman Busted After Booty Call Goes Bad Fists flew when suspect found woman in exs bed
2017-06-06Florida woman faces possible child abuse charge for letting snake bite baby
2017-05-23Neo-Nazi' in Florida National Guard arrested after explosives found at Tampa Palms murder scene
2017-05-19Florida woman burned by Starbucks coffee awarded $100K
2017-05-18Couple Nabbed For X-Rated Public RompWoman 62 and beau 55 face lewdness raps
2017-05-18Woman burned by Starbucks coffee awarded $100K
2017-05-17North Florida man bit on tongue while trying to kiss rattlesnake
2017-05-13Man calls 911 in Florida to ask to be deported
2017-04-30Florida woman arrested after agreeing to swap sex for $25 McNuggets
2017-04-27Woman Arrested For Xylophone Rage Attack Police: Perp poured pot of cold grease on man
2017-04-23Florida man convicted in fatal fight over gumbo spices
2017-04-18Wanted Florida woman arrested thanks to her Facebook Live video at Chuck E. Cheese
2017-04-10FBI: Florida man wanted for multi-million dollar mortgage scheme
2017-04-10Florida Man Shits in Washing Machine at Soapys Coin Laundromat
2017-03-30Florida woman stabbed by ex-boyfriend marries firefighter who rescued her
2017-03-30Police Pop Pistol-Packing Penny Perpetrator 7-Eleven employee declined change faced gun
2017-03-24Florida man blocks traffic by sitting in crosswalk to eat pancakes
2017-03-23Central Florida woman accused of using stolen identity to pay for plastic surgery
2017-03-17Florida businessman creates red light photo jammer FHP says its illegal
2017-03-16Florida man finds gator in garage
2017-03-10Florida man asks for lighter sentence gets life instead
2017-03-09Man in Iron Man shirt robs South Florida blood bank in broad daylight
2017-02-27Cops: Customer Deposited Coke In Bank ATM Tech discovered drug after machine got jammed
2017-02-23Florida man admits to attempting to hack NY charity computer
2017-02-22Florida police chief officer charged in woma's death during gun safety demonstration
2017-02-21Cops: Suspect Used Sex Toy During Attack Victim said she criticized beaus performance in bed
2017-02-17Florida man accused in plot to bomb Target stores
2017-02-09Man 76 Shot Wife In Butt Over Lack of Sex Cops: Perp angry over failure to consummate union
2017-02-09Woman pleads not guilty in case of baby kidnapped from Florida hospital in 1998
2017-02-06Teen admits killing Florida woman in London knife rampage
2017-02-03Man dies after being hit by freight train in Florida
2017-02-01Florida woman says iPhone exploded into flames while charging
2017-01-31Jury convicts man in Florida Keys bomb plot
2017-01-31Police: Florida pastor caught with ma's wife flees naked
2017-01-26Florida man could get life in prison for selling cocaine found at sea
2017-01-26Florida woman accused of throwing tampon at police officer
2017-01-15Deputies: Florida man confessed to killing ex-college prof
2017-01-13Central Florida man gets life sentence for raping impregnating 10-year-old
2017-01-12Police: Central Florida man posted on wifes Facebook to cover up killing
2017-01-11‘It was insane’: Maid of honor turns Florida wedding into nightmare
2017-01-04Florida woman beats fiancé in fight over engagement ring
2017-01-03Man accused of shooting at cows along Floridas Turnpike
2016-12-28Police: Naked man jumping on cars along busy Florida highway
2016-12-27Man 81 Cops Shuffleboard Rage Plea Floridian socked fellow retiree at senior citizens center
2016-12-23Deputies shoot kill Florida man allegedly aiming crossbow at them
2016-12-21Florida woman sues Toyota for delectable car wires that attract rodents
2016-12-20Central Florida woman accused stealing from Toys for Tots
2016-12-19Construction machine slides into Florida canal kills man
2016-12-06Florida woman in half-marathon lost for 12 hours then found
2016-12-05Florida woman arrested for twerking resisting officer
2016-12-05Florida woman gets diploma 7 decades later
2016-12-05South Florida woman accused of choking 6-month-old husky
2016-12-02Florida man breaks into neighbors home to pet their cat
2016-12-01South Florida man charged with impregnating 11-year-old girl
2016-11-28Florida deputy fatally shoots pit bull who attacked homeless man
2016-11-28Woman Arrested After Groping Sexual Advances Floridian 53 made moves on men and women
2016-11-21Cops: Man Used 7-Eleven Cooler As A Bathroom Suspect 46 failed in search for restroom
2016-11-21Florida Keys caregiver accused of abusing elderly woman
2016-11-18South Florida man arrested for operating illegal horse slaughterhouse
2016-11-17Elderly man dies on JetBlue flight from Florida to Boston
2016-11-10"Law-Abiding Pervert" Faces Child Porn Raps Suspect: "Im not a pedophile Im just a pervert."
2016-10-25Florida man gets 3 years for slamming dog into wall
2016-10-24Pregnant South Florida woman infected with Zika
2016-10-10Woman drives 3 miles wrong way down Florida highway
2016-10-08PBSO: Man violated restraining order on same day it was issued
2016-10-05On This Day Peak Florida Has Been Reached Man busted for crimes epitomizing Sunshine State
2016-09-29Florida officer faces suspension for slapping homeless man
2016-09-29Man charged in 26-year-old double murder rape in Florida
2016-09-29Sorry-I-Tased-You cake does't cut it for Florida woman
2016-09-26Cops: Quarrel Over Orgy Got All Stabby
2016-09-20Florida man arrested for swimming with manatees in Islamorada
2016-09-20South Florida airport lost and found now includes a mannequin
2016-09-19Police: Gator attacks homeless man in Florida river
2016-09-19South Florida man sues Samsung for phone explosion in pocket
2016-09-18Naked man dies shortly after breaking into Florida home
2016-09-14Report: Florida woman made bomb threat to halt ma's urine test
2016-09-12Florida man gets 11+ years prison for $4.8M gold truck heist
2016-09-08Florida man claims his Jeep caught fire due to exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7
2016-09-07South Florida man charged with murder in fatal road rage shooting
2016-09-05Uber Driver Arrested For 5 AM Creep Act Man seen prowling at home of female passengers
2016-09-02Armed South Florida man warns intruder: Pokemon Go Away
2016-09-02Florida man uses his wanted poster as his Facebook profile picture
2016-09-01Senate Candidate Took Donations From Wiseguys Money went to Democrat challenging Marco Rubio
2016-09-01Stuart police: Man uses wanted poster for Facebook profile photo
2016-09-01Young Florida woman hopes her long tongue will break Guinness World Record
2016-08-30Woman identified as rapper T-Pai's niece killed in Florida
2016-08-28Florida man survives lightning strike spider snake bites
2016-08-26Facebook like gets Florida man a return trip to jail
2016-08-25Sheriff: Suicidal man shot by Florida sheriffs deputy in Orlando
2016-08-23Deputies: Argument over kiss lands Florida man in jail
2016-08-22Florida man finds wallet with over $3K in cash returns to family on vacation
2016-08-22PBSO: Man threatens brother with knife after being called fat
2016-08-22PBSO: Riviera man arrested after posting Facebook status about crime
2016-08-21Florida City man shot dead during argument
2016-08-19Coast Guard bursts Florida ma's bubble stunt for 3rd time
2016-08-15Theft Suspect Trashed Store For 10 Minutes Cops: Florida woman was spotted stealing candy
2016-08-12Man accused of killing 81-year-old central Florida neighbor
2016-08-11Owner of South Florida assisted living facility charged with manslaughter
2016-08-10Florida man dies while diving off Florida Keys
2016-08-10Man walks 1 300 miles from South Florida to White House for childhood obesity awareness
2016-08-09Police: Woman killed by Florida officer in academy exercise
2016-08-06Husband of Florida woman killed by train dies 1 day later
2016-08-04Husband tries fails to save wife from being killed by train
2016-08-03Wife of man who faked death set for arraignment in Florida
2016-07-31Florida man hits tourist with shovel
2016-07-28Florida man arrested after Krispy Kreme doughnut flakes mistaken for meth
2016-07-25Florida homeless woman lights boyfriend on fire for not providing drugs
2016-07-22Naked Toothless Woman Huffing Propane Threatens to Blow Up Police
2016-07-22Police: Video shows Florida man raping unconscious woman
2016-07-18Man hits injures Florida police officer with car
2016-07-15Officials ID homeless man eaten by gators in Florida canal
2016-07-10Florida man charged with burning bunny that bit him
2016-07-10Florida man shoots girlfriend as she calls 911 kills self
2016-07-07Man charged with burning rabbit named 'Thumper' arrested in Punta Gorda
2016-07-05Florida man loses 3 fingers when firecracker explodes
2016-07-02Islamic group: Muslim man beaten outside Florida mosque
2016-06-30Man drives himself to hospital after shots fired on South Florida highway
2016-06-28Man accused of killing pregnant Florida teen 4 years later
2016-06-28Man who went on mac and cheese tirade is arrested in Florida
2016-06-27Cops: Suspect Dumped Vile Slurry In Pool Man angered over mobile home park eviction
2016-06-26Florida man scams woman by posing as country star
2016-06-20Deputies: Florida man kills wife neighbor who tried to help
2016-06-19Florida woman killed outside of home by falling palm tree
2016-06-13Key West Gas Leak Triggers Tavern Brawl Police report does not identify party who dealt it
2016-06-09Florida man charged for calling 911 because girlfriend would't buy vodka
2016-06-04Brevard deputy shot several times suspect killed after argument over feral cats escalates
2016-05-31South Florida woman arrested after stabbing sister
2016-05-22Florida woman stabbed with broken metal broom handle
2016-05-19BSO: South Florida man accused of raping 6-year-old girl while grandmother slept
2016-05-17Florida man faces 60 years in prison for prostitution ring
2016-05-16Plea hearing for Florida man in Jewish Center bomb plot
2016-05-14Man dead after fall from South Florida hotel
2016-05-09Man with murder tattoo arrested for murder in Florida home invasion
2016-04-25Bubble burst: Florida man using “hydropod” at sea rescued
2016-04-20South Florida woman accused of drugging dates placed on house arrest
2016-04-20South Florida woman arrested for drugging man stealing his Rolex in Brickell
2016-04-19South Florida man behind 2015 gold heist makes plea deal
2016-04-05Man charged after Florida City police chase
2016-04-04South Florida man arrested after chase crashing into police cruisers
2015-12-23Florida Man trying to time travel plows car into Florida businesses
2015-12-22South Florida man accidentally kills himself while cleaning gun
2015-12-15Florida Man on drugs rams car into IRC Jail
2015-12-08Florida Man Arrested After Driving 110 MPH While Naked with 3 Women in a Cadillac
2015-12-07Florida Man Driving 110Mph While Naked With 3 Women In A Cadillac Arrested On DUI Charge
2015-12-03Man crawls under Cracker Barrel bathroom stall seeking sex with woman
2015-11-20South Florida man bit by shark catches shark says hell eat it
2015-10-02Florida Man Drinks Goat Blood in Ritual Sacrifice Runs for Senate
2015-08-01West Palm police: Man on Clematis asks to be arrested, punches cop when he isn’t
2015-07-23Florida man gets life in prison for killing drag queen
2015-07-13Florida Man Stole Operating Room Surgical Table
2015-07-02Keys Deputies Arrest Man Dressed as Pirate for Firing Muskets at Cars
2015-07-01Suspect in wifes murder removed from courtroom after outburst
2015-06-26Homeless woman allegedly takes children ages 3 and 5 from Florida park to teach them how to steal 'live on the street'
2015-06-08Florida Man Jailed For Pizza Battery On Roommate
2015-06-04Florida man caught on video dancing atop deputys cruiser
2015-05-2982-Year-Old Florida Man Slashes 88-Year-Old Florida Womans Tires with an Ice Pick for Taking His Seat at Bingo
2015-05-13Nearly nude Florida man tased in airport
2015-04-13A Florida Man Who Advertised Legit Counterfeit $$ On Craiglist Was Predictably Arrested
2015-04-13Florida Man Impersonating a Police Officer Pulls Over Real Cops
2015-04-03Florida Woman Kicks Cop in Groin Offers to Kiss the Boo-Boo
2015-03-27"Florida Man" Has Better Approval Ratings in Florida Than Gov. Rick Scott
2015-03-20Florida Burglar Tells Police He Actually Owns Home with Mariah Carey
2015-03-11This Florida Church Just Lost Its Tax-Exempt Status Because Its Reportedly Just a Nightclub
2015-02-25WATCH: Florida Man Vapes Semen
2015-02-13Drunk Couple Slept in Dumpster Woke Up in Garbage Truck
2015-02-11Florida dumpster sleepers end up trapped in garbage truck
2015-02-10The Ghost Of Macho Man Randy Savage Is Allegedly Haunting A Florida Wrestling Promotion
2015-02-03Florida man accused of killing gators for Super Bowl dinner
2015-02-02Florida Man claims dolphin seduced him into having sex
2015-01-27Barbecue Bandit Takes $4 000 Worth of Chicken and Ribs From Restaurant
2015-01-23Radio Stations Porn Star Foursome Contest Prize
2015-01-2083-year-old DeBary woman charged with felony in husbands beating
2015-01-19Dog Wins $3 Million in Florida Lottery
2015-01-09Man in "I Have Drugs" Shirt Totally Had Drugs
2015-01-06South Florida man sentenced 8 years after online sex sting
2014-10-16Meet the Florida Man Who Surgically Removed His Junk for Fun
2014-10-06How a Butt Dial Busted a Meth Ring
2014-06-18Florida man becomes 3rd executed in US in 24 hours
2014-03-05Fla. man arrested for having sex with pit bull in yard as neighbors pleaded with him to stop: report 
2014-02-13Florida man convicted of killing burying ex-reporter in concrete and selling his Magic: The Gathering card collection
2013-04-29Florida Man Asks Cops to Cut Off His Genitals Tells Them Hes God
2013-01-23Gregory Matthew Bruni Naked Intruder Pooped And Masturbated In Tony Lands Florida Home: Cops
2012-10-09Florida man dies after winning roach-eating contest
2012-06-11Florida Man Arrested For Calling 911 After His Kitten Was Denied Entry Into A Strip Club
2012-03-01Florida woman burns down the 5th oldest tree in the country by lighting a fire so she can see her meth better
2012-03-01Florida's Oldest Tree Burned Down By Woman Smoking Meth Beneath It
2011-06-02Sovereign Citizen Opens Fire On Store Because It Ran Out Of Crawfish
2010-04-02Obese Florida man George Jolicoeur avoids jail because he s too fat
2009-08-07Man: Naughty Kitty Downloaded Kiddie Porn Florida man arrested, says cat downloaded thousands of images.
2008-06-27Woman puts home and heart up for sale on Internet
2008-04-04Man threatens Virginia Tech-style attack
2008-03-25Florida teen dies during corrective breast surgery
2007-06-13Two florida women sue Girls Gone Wild creator
2007-06-04Florida collector buys 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' car
2007-05-22Doctor convicted of supporting al Qaeda said he did not know he had offered his medical expertise to the terror group.
2007-04-13Robber lets clerk call 911 but still steals money
2007-03-16Florida Girl who hiccuped for over a month starts again
2007-02-21Florida teen stumbles upon mammoth tooth
2007-01-21Wounded duck survives two days in refrigerator
2004-09-21Puppy shoots Florida man deputies say

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