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5/15/2019Felony Rap In Alleged Sanitary Napkin Battery Woman hit hospital worker with "used" item
5/15/2019There was no shooting: Victim of shooting near Daytona Beach pizza shop disputes police account
5/14/2019Florida Woman beats husband after he attempts threesome
5/14/2019Florida man brings his kid to ‘work.’ Police call that child abuse
5/14/2019Florida man arrested after stolen caskets found in stolen rental truck
5/14/2019Palm Coast Floirda Woman teaching a class on proper mermaid swimming techniques
5/13/2019Florida man dodges lovebugs trying to get into his house
5/13/2019Florida man, woman accused of stealing $500 worth of Red Bull
5/13/2019Man charged after reportedly grabbing ducks by neck and throwing them
5/13/2019Florida man chews up lit cigarette, spits pieces on deputies during arrest
5/13/2019A Florida city is trying to foreclose on a 69-year-old mans house because he let his grass grow too tall
5/13/2019An allegedly drunk Florida man stole a car, set fire to a home and then led Union Beach police on a wild foot chase into
5/12/2019Florida man set fire to N.J. home, stole car, then ran from cops, authorities say
5/12/2019Florida man raises $22 million for Trumps border wall, spends the money for himself instead.
5/11/2019Oxygen Network announces plan for new series called Florida Man
5/11/2019Hundreds of bugs crawled from a girls backpack, police say, as a Florida mom is charged with neglect
5/10/2019Nassau County woman visiting jail inmate arrested
5/10/2019Man tells police he shot 'disrespectful' wife in the face
5/10/2019Florida man returns chunk of Stonehenge he swiped 60 years ago
5/10/2019Florida man regrets trying to pawn his baby for laughs on Snapchat

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