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5/10/2019Man claims self-defense after allegedly stabbing man who spit on his car
5/10/2019Mystery creature: What the hell did this Florida woman find in her yard?
5/10/2019Florida Man late for work because of traffic jam caused by manatee gangbang
5/10/2019The Florida Man Arrested For His "I EAT ASS" Sticker Might Sue The Sheriffs Office
5/10/2019Stolen car crashes into home after being chased by stolen deputy cruiser, police say
5/10/2019Taco Bell employee captured on video swinging at customer who complained about his food
5/10/2019A Florida man called 911 to report someone chasing him. All cops could find was his meth
5/10/2019FHP: Florida man driving Cadillac from sunroof says hed rather go to jail than back to his wife
5/10/2019He was shot while standing in line at Publix. But how? Heres how Pasco deputies figured it out.
5/10/2019Florida Mans Popular Pizzeria Fails to Meet Health Standards 10 Straight Times, Couldnt Care Less
5/10/2019Florida woman accused of stashing 7 syringes in her vagina was "snarling and yelling" at staff inside a Burger King
5/10/2019Homeless Florida man and homeless Florida woman accused of having sex in parking lot, 10 feet away from second homeless
5/9/2019Florida woman throws knife at roommates head during argument
5/9/2019Police: Man taunted cop before he was tasered, ran into traffic
5/9/2019Florida Man Sentenced To Life For Murder He Blamed On Sleepwalking
5/9/2019NYPD Transit cops arrest a man for one murder, and he says hes committed 6 more
5/9/2019Florida man assaulted by woman screaming go home Jew tell your neighbors that Jesus Christ is here
5/8/2019Fort Pierce man learns dangers of wearing sibling?s pants
5/8/2019Florida woman who set fire, stabbed deputy gets year in prison
5/8/2019Man working on roof dead after coworker trips, gun goes off in Riverview

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