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5/8/2019I am now so furious about you that I even couldn?t control my mind killing you, seriously
5/8/2019Florida Man crashes lawn mower into cop car, tells police officer "fuck Im drunk, take me to jail"
5/8/2019Florida man arrested after sending video of himself touching sleeping womans buttocks to her husband via Facebook Messen
5/8/2019Teenage Florida Man hacks his high school, emails everyone urgent announcement about "mandatory penis inspections in acc
5/7/2019FloridaMan Arrested for Sticker on Car that says I Eat Ass
5/6/2019Cops to Florida woman: Do you have anything else? She pulled a gator from her pants.
5/6/2019Florida man driving lawn mower charged with DUI after hitting a police car, cops say
5/6/2019They were standing at a Publix register when her purse fell. Her Derringer fired and hit him
5/5/2019Florida Man Caught FaceTiming High-Speed Pursuit While Traveling 110 MPH
5/5/2019Cops to man who used blond wig as disguise: I mean come on man have a little dignity!
5/5/2019Florida man nearly drowns trying to rescue family dog from lake because he was wearing steel toed boots. The dog was fin
5/5/2019Florida man accidentally shoots self in Publix LAND OLAKES, Fla. - A Florida man shopping at a supermarket accidentally
5/5/2019Florida Man Mayor jailed due to missing guns, drugs dealing, domestic abuse on the 2 women living in his house, medical
5/4/2019Attorney: Florida woman left alone in jail cell while giving birth
5/4/2019Meet the Woman Who Married Ted Bundy and Had His Baby While He Was on Death Row
5/4/2019Florida man in werewolf mask allegedly burned, shocked 2-year-old girl Sheriffs officials said he recorded the abuse on
5/3/2019Florida Woman Slashes Tires When Man Won?t Stop Playing Video Games
5/3/2019Moron Gang Members Misspell Racial Slur Forcibly Tattooed On Victim's Neck
5/3/2019Florida Man Arrested After Inviting Police Officer to Smoke a Bowl With Him
5/3/2019Man touches himself on Florida beach because women were in thongs, police say Suspect says he knew better

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