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3/20/2019Florida man attacked by a crazy squirrel gone nuts. And it was raised by a neighbor
3/17/2019Florida man finds iguana in toilet, calls 911
3/14/2019Florida Mayor Arrested Just Weeks After Taking Over for Florida Mayor Who was Arrested
3/13/2019Florida Man brings AK-47 to sons school after son says teacher pushed him
3/13/2019Pickleball Dispute Ends With Wife Behind Bars Cops: Florida Woman, 61, pummeled hubby, 67
3/6/2019Florida man tried to bring replica grenade launcher on plane, TSA says
2/24/2019Florida man steals $33,000 in rare coins, uses them in change machines
2/24/2019Couple Had Sex In Rear Of Police Squad Car Cop suspended for letting suspects get frisky
2/18/2019Naked And Belligerent Woman Busted Cops: Fiancée attacked over sex declination
2/14/2019Florida man caught on video licking doorbell
2/13/2019Florida man arrested for performing sex acts on dog while wearing dog costume
2/12/2019Man Batters Girlfriend With A Burrito Dope, 41, faces misdemeanor count for attack
2/9/2019Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Live Alligator Into Wendys Drive-Thru Window
2/4/2019Police: Woman Battered Beau With Pork Chop Victim left lacerated after frozen meat struck him
1/31/2019Florida Girl, 14, Makes Like A Florida Man Teen stole deliverymans car for rendezvous with beau
1/30/2019Florida man spent weeks in jail for heroin that was actually detergent
1/29/2019This Florida man stole laxatives because he thought they were opioids, police say
1/28/2019Florida man finds World War II grenade, tosses it in the trunk, brings it to a Taco Bell
1/14/2019Florida man threatens to kill man ‘with kindness,’ uses machete named ‘Kindness’
1/10/2019Raunchy Duo Busted For Lewd Encounter Public tryst in roadway, atop car ends in handcuffs

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