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1/9/2019Minnesota Man, 48, Gets Naked, Imitates Florida Man In St. Petersburg Hotel
1/7/2019Florida man denies syringes found in rectum are his
1/4/2019Son Arrested For Pizza Attack On His Father Cops: Man angry victim "helped give birth to him"
12/12/2018Deputy cleared for shooting naked man armed with crossbow who claimed aliens were after him
12/11/2018Florida Man Arrested for DUI While Lemur and Wallaby Escape from Truck During Traffic Stop
12/6/2018Florida man arrested for shoplifting after job interview at Kohls
12/5/2018The "World’s Dumbest Criminal" Cops To Stealing Weed Trimmer, Lawnmower From Walmart
12/4/2018Cops Memorialize The Sage Words Of Florida Man Ex-con, 52, was caught having sex on beach
12/3/2018Florida Man Arrested After Offering Undercover Cop A Hamburger In Exchange For Sex Act
11/28/2018Woman Arrested After Gas Leak At Dollar General Cops: Shopper pulled knife after fart comments
11/27/2018Woman passes gas in store, then pulls knife on an offended customer, cops say
11/26/2018Man Behind Bars Following Arrest In Bizarre Potato Rage Incident
11/21/2018Florida man uses fake ID, steals $41K in dental implants, $10K for French bulldog
11/21/2018Woman Charged In Chinese Food Battery On Beau Wanton attack occurred at Florida mobile home park
11/20/2018Miniature Horse Lover Gets Corralled Cops: Creepy Floridian, 21, gave confession
11/16/2018Man wearing homemade knife necklace charges at neighbors, ECSO says
11/15/2018Florida man walked into police station, asked to go to jail for child porn
11/14/2018Florida man accused of putting semen in coworkers water
11/12/2018Naked Florida man revealed on video sneaking into restaurant and munching on ramen
11/8/2018ops Bust Man Who Said Name Was "Ben Dover" At least perp did not claim to be Heywood Jablome

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